Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saying Goodbye - Elizabeth Taylor

Indeed it is a sad day for me. How odd to think that someone I never met could feel like family, and the loss there of to feel so deep. I always fancied running in to her some day in LA, not sure when or where I thought this was going to happen. Yet I vividly created the scene in my mind. I would say, "Oh Liz I am such a big fan and have been though the years. We share the same birthday, you know. And wherever someone wishes me happy birthday, I always say ... and Liz Taylor too". And she would smile and say, "Well aren't you sweet" and give me a hug and say, "Happy birthday to you too".

Aside from our birthday, I always felt a deep connection to her, again I can't say why. Maybe it was just a deep admiration. Yes I am a fan, but I haven't seen all her movies, nor do I know all her husbands, but I do know her. I know her passion, I know her humor, I know her love of animals and I know her compassion towards people. I deeply admire that she stood up to Hollywood, spoke out on issues that were close to her heart.

I will truly miss her, and will remember her always.