Thursday, December 01, 2005

Decanting - Links For Bottles & Vials & Atomizers

Reference page for bottle/vial links is here!

My Favorites:

Lotion Crafter - For great prices/fast delivery/variety of products:
(You gotta try the Mini Treatment Pumps for lotions decants!)

Accessories For Fragrance - eBay Store - Wow, Sally is so nice!
(Dig those purple atomizers & the mini heart bottles)

Madina Oils - The lowest price for small glass vials and nice larger perfume bottles:

Vivi Enterprises - FANCY atomizers for yourself or a gift:

Alice - Aliya - More FANCY atomizers, but higher prices:

Casa De Perfumes - Sale/Bulk prices aren't bad:

E Bottles.Com - Some really nice sized larger bottles for bottle splits or
decanting a splash into a spray:

Others that friends like:


Anonymous said...

Than you for the links, I finally found some Apothecary style bottles!

Also, have you ever or will you, experiment in creating your own scent? I wondered. I'm sorry if this information is somewhere on your site. I have not looked you up in ages.

Victoria said...

No, I'm not a perfumer, just an enthusiast. :)