Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello New Perfume of Life!

Wow, the new Perfume of Life board is just great. Vibrant and edgy with lots of customization, a new Instant Message Chat on the front page, a whole new look with rotating backgrounds. In addition to the [TALK] Chat side, there is a great new [SHOP] Shopping side, where fragrances can be bought and sold and even auctioned! Exciting stuff.

Although I have been not as active as I would have liked to be, I still have a great love of fragrances and many friends I have met along the way. It really feels good to be back among friends.

For me this is my third PoL board, and I am really excited to be a part of the unveiling! Thank you all my fellow mods (Volunteer Community Hosts) and congratulations to the newly created Counselor positions. Three new Counselors: FiveoaksBouquet, rockinruby and susanwinters. Thanks to our board owner Jeffrey Dame, for all the hard work and the drive to create for us this great new forum.