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Scent of the Day - Monday - 01/29/07

Hello my friends, it is Monday! I am home today just testing so scents. What are you wearing?

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Scent of the Day - Weekend

Hey all! Thought I might just do a weekend entry so you could check in if you wanted to! Today I'm wearing Ralph Lauren Style. I tried it when it first came out, but never bought it.

What are you up to/into today??

Hello all today - Sunday - I'm into Chanel 22, I forget sometimes how lovely this is!

Have a beautiful Sunday all!

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Cardinal - Heeley - Review

Cardinal is a nice, simple, incense scent. The essential incense note here is similar to the incense note in Etro Messe de Minuit but accompanying it there are no damp and moldy notes; this is lightly smoky, warm and comforting. MdM is the incensey, cold, damp, stone church basement where the ancient scrolls are stored. Cardinal is the church attic where the warm sweet incense rises and the sunlight filters in through the rafters.

I know there will be those of you asking how it compares to the CdG Incense line, to that I will say having tried all those I never liked any enough to buy a full bottle. And other than that, I have no specific memory of them. For what ever reason all fell short of what I wanted. Now the SMN Citta di Kyoto comes closer, but the Citta is more woody and slightly medicinal. I was set to buy Citta when my decant runs out, until Cardinal came along. I much prefer Cardinal, but I guess that will be up to each individual's taste. Maybe those who long for the discontined Matthew Williamson Incense will find solace here.

As some of you know I'm quite a fan of this line. The scents are clean, modern with an uncomplicated straightforward approach. They all have a simple understated elegance about them that makes them so wearable.

Incense, cistus, grey amber, patchouli, vetiver

Available from: LuckyScent

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 01/25/07

I will be wearing Heeley Cardinal today - What are you wearing?

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Blue Sugar - Aquolina - Review

Blue Sugar is the men's fragrance answer to the best selling women's Pink Sugar. The huge success of Pink Sugar demanded a counterpart I suppose. And while Blue Sugar is less sweet overall, that caramelized sugar note is present and combined with vanilla and tonka bean, make it definitely sweet. Too sweet? Well that will be up to the man, because I'm sure women will love and wear this and try to get their men to wear it too. But if they will, remains to be seen. Either way there will be a market for it at least for awhile. Attempting to deny the Sugar = feminine name, the ad touts that it is "supremely masculine".

Starting out similar to Pink Sugar, with a carmelized sugar note, this one then takes a turn towards the dreaded celery note. (Dreaded for me, but I hear some folks acutally like that.) Once that is rather quickly passed, it begins to quickly tone down, soften, staying close to the skin. Not much sillage compared to Pink Sugar. But it does linger on the skin. So overall it's a few notches scaled back and not quite so sweet. Nothing here to proclude a woman from wearing this.

Bergamot, Tangerine Leaves, Star Anise, Ginger, Licorice, Patchouli Leaves, Lavender, Heliotrope, Coriander, Caramel, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Tonka Bean.

Available at: SEPHORA

On sale right now at: Parfum1

Scent of the Day - Wednesday - 01/24/07

Blue Sugar for me today, What are you wearing?

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Island Hawaii - Michael Kors - Review

Island Hawaii is a limited edition scent following in the footsteps of the best selling Island Fiji that completely sold out within a month of its April 2006 launch. From my testing so far, I have a feeling this one will sell out too.

The opening is a very juicy orange blast. I don't get any of the pineapple that is listed as there, but it is bright and juicy. The way the orange notes then fade into the orange flower and jasmine mid notes keep it from feeling like a fruity floral. It feels a little soapy during this transition, but that doesn't last long.

Soon the mid notes evolve completely, becoming lush and creamy, the jasmine just beautiful. The drydown keeps the jasmine, softer now and joined with a light ambery sandalwood. Really a beautiful scent, I much prefer this to Island or Fiji, in fact I'll be adding this to my next shopping list.

As the ad says, it is quite luminous.

According to Fashiontribes Daily: Hawaii was "Developed jointly by International Flavors & Fragrances and Trudi Loren, vice president of corporate fragrance development worldwide for Aramis and Designer Fragrances, the fragrance breaks down as follows:

TOP NOTES: clementine, juicy orange, hydroponic pineapple & neroli
HEART: orange flower, jasmine sambac & Hawaiian ginger lily
DRYDOWN: white amber, creamy sandalwood & balsamic notes"

And I hear there is a matching lip gloss balm ($12) in juicy orange coming soon!

Hawaii is available at: Nordstrom

Scent of the Day - Tuesday - 01/23/07

I'm wearing Michael Kors Island - Hawaii of course, what are you wearing today?

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Bryant Park - Bond No 9 - Review

The newest Bond No 9, Bryant Park, is the 28th in the series of NYC neighborhood scents. Created to honor Bryant Park in the heart of midtown, home to Fashion Week festivities.

Created by perfumer Michel Almairac, it is described as "a rose-patchouli concoction with pink pepper added for dissonance".

Starting out it is a bit on the sharp side thanks to lily of the valley joined with the tangy tartness of rhubarb. Pink pepper adds a light spiciness. The raspberry note makes its appearance next, lightly sweetening the composition, but not so much as to make it too fruity or sweet. Next comes the soft rose, patchouli, amber drydown. The fragrance moves from top to bottom rather quickly leaving a drydown is very light and sheer. So even though it starts out slightly sharp, it is not loud, on the contrary it is one of the softer Bond scents, quickly settling in and lying close to the skin.

Very pretty and wearable this is an easygoing daytime scent, destined to be a best seller.

Top: Lily of the Valley, rhubarb, pink pepper
Mid: Rose, patchouli
Base: Raspberry, amber

Official Launch date will be March 1st. Please check the Bond No 9 website for the announcement of the official release and to shop for other fine Bond No 9 Fragrances.

You can also watch for Bond No 9 Bryant Park at Fragrances & More Bond No 9 where they offer FREE SHIPPING on Bond No 9 purchases and no sales tax for out of state deliveries. How great is that??

Scent of the Day - Monday - 01/22/07

Ok, well Bryant Park it is for me today, what are you wearing?

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A.Maze - The People of the Labyrinths - Review

This fragrance is a rose lover's rose. I do love the occasional rose but I'm not by any means a rose aficionado. To me the open to me seems a bit harsh. A rose lover may say robust. If I was doing a blind sniff test, I would immediately think of one of the Rosines. Not just that it is so rosy, but the complexity in which the other notes support the rose notes. This becomes more evident as the tops mellows out and the mid notes appear. In the middle there is a resemblance to Ormonde Jayne Ta'if by way of the slightly medicinal saffron combining with the orange blossom now joining the rose notes.

The drydown is soft and elegant. Feminine with a soapy, powdery effect.

If you are a rose lover, you won't be disappointed.

The fact that the formula is created using 100% natural ingredients is a great plus, but it is causing some buzz over the inclusion of civet. I don't detect this note, and the musk is very powdery and appears in the soft drydown.

The fragrance name comes from the book by the same name, A.Maze by The People of the Labyrinths. According to the website description, the book "offers an extensive, inspiring visual overview through drawings, sketches and photographs of the collections of the past 23 years and of special academic projects, while also describing the distinctive POTL feeling, the development of the label, sources of inspiration and unique collaborative projects such as The Golden Age Collection (winter 2005/2006) photographed by Erwin Olaf."

Henna, Saffron, Taif Rose, Orange Blossom, Wardia Rose, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Musk, Civet

Available for pre-order from LuckyScent

Scent of the Day - Saturday - 01/20/07

Previewing POTL A.Maze today, as you can see from my review. What are you wearing today?

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Another Quiz!

Your Fragrance Profile

The best calming fragrance: jasmine
The best fragrance for everyday wear: sandalwood
The best fragrance to boost your sex appeal: rose
The best fragrance for energy: peppermint

Scent of the Day - Friday - 01/19/07

Heeley Cardinal for me today. What are you wearing?

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Coming Soon ...

A.MAZE is the second fragrance from The People of the Labyrinth. Word is it's a powdery rose, very elegant & soft. Read more about it here at LuckyScent

Henna, Saffron, Taif Rose, Orange Blossom, Wardia Rose, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Musk, Civet

Available for pre-order from LuckyScent

Mandorlo di Sicilia - Acqua di Parma - Review

Mandorlo di Sicilia - from Acqua di Parma. Mandorlo Di Sicilia or Sicilian Almond, is a unisex fragrance from this company's best selling Blu Mediterraneo Spa Range. Funny thing is, I don't smell any almonds, to me this is a Root Beer float. Delicious and creamy. Somehow the notes in this one merge together into a fizzy root beer effect that is dazzling. The drydown is a creamy smooth vanilla. Being an EDT it is not terribly long lasting in its full lush stage, but the vanilla drydown does hang around awhile. Touch ups during the day are a treat for the senses, so take it along with you.

If one closes one's eyes and slowly analyzes the notes you will find a hint of jasmine weaving in and about the star anise. An ever so slight citrusy edge and a creamy vanilla base. I don't detect the musk at all, but my friend spotted it right away.

Whether you find this smells exactly of root beer, or smell the floral vanilla compilation, either way be forewarned; this scent is highly addictive.

Bergamot, Star Anise, Jasmine, Green Almond, White Peach, White Cedarwood, Musk, Vanilla, Coffee.

You can find this one by clicking here for the Mandorlo di Sicilia page. Or by going to the Fragrances & More website where you can browse for other fine fragrances.

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 01/18/07

Testing Sharon Boulton Scents today, my review to follow soon! What are you wearing?

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Bliss 'Spaahh'-kling Body Butter

The ad says, "... evokes the aroma of a fine champagne." Wow that sounds yummy! So I placed my order with Sephora. Humm Champagne? No, I get pine needles. Which is lucky I guess. Upon asking hubby to sniff, he delares ... toilet bowl cleaner. Just thought I'd share.

Scent of the Day - Wednesay - 01/17/07

Mandorlo for me again today. What are you wearing today?

Coming Soon ...

Bond No 9 - Bryant Park - Review

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Scent of the Day - Tuesay - 01/16/07

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia. That might quite possibly be the longest fragrance name. What are you wearing today?

Kiss Her - Kiss Cosmetics - Review

KISS HER, fragrance by Kiss Cosmetics contains notes of Wet fig leaves, Crushed Red Peppercorns, Exotic Black Orchid and Vintage Mahogany. With a tag line of "You never forget your first Kiss". This scent is described as "a succulent, wild floriental that entices and seduces like a high energy, a forbidden aphrodisiac."

To launch the new KISS Fragrance Line, Gemini Cosmetics organized a number of promotions in the South East Region of the US at Dillards, Belks and Parisians stores. The promotions in this region included face painting, name that mask contests, tattoo events, free KISS air fresheners, that winning KISS contest, win a t-shirt and several others. Some events had live radio call ins, DJs and live music.

So after all this hoopla and fanfare, what is left? Well a basic fruity floral, sadly, as unforgettable as the rest. It would be nice to see a celebrity really break the mold of these endless parade of celebrity scents. I guess maybe Sarah Jessica Parker came closest to this feat with her Fragrance Lovely. Still they continue to flood the market until it will bare no more I suppose. This one debuted in September and is already at discounters. Heaven forbid anyone really love one of these scents that are doomed. For they won't be around long, but then I guess they are like busses; another one will come along in 15 minutes.

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The Beauty Of It All

Sometimes in this world of fragrance, we fragrance bloggers are caught by a shiny object in the cosmetic aisle. Mostly though, we hurry past on our way to fragrances meaning to stop by "after", but "after" we are tired and bleary eyed and usually well ... broke.

So when the Best of 2006 came around, it was nice to sit back and really check out the wonderful Beauty Blogs out there and to make some new friends. I went slowly down the list and read more than just the Best Of - I had a look around.

Not on the Best of list, but on Kristin's Beauty Addict Blog page, I found the Sedu Ultrasilent Dryer. Ok people, $129 for a hair dryer? Yet, a little voice said - hey, she knows what she's talking about. And quiet, for what price would I pay for quiet? Besides it's on sale and I have some Paypal credit built up - splurge. And splurge I did. Shhhhh ... can you hear me drying my hair in the morning? Neither can I, I almost can fall back to sleep. Almost. At least the transition into daylight isn't as jarring, and that is well ... simply worth it.

I wish I had time to research all the blogs and tell you the names and links but that would take forever. So I will just have to shout out a big thank you, and you know who you are, to the bloggers who recommended the following:

Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil - wow this stuff is amazing. I have the FlavorSplash Raspberry and I am considering stock options. I never want to be without this stuff - fabulous!

While looking for the Aquafina, I stumbled upon Mug Root Beer Whipped Lip Gloss. I'm so happy. Truly. It was like finding Secret De Venus Parfum Oil at a yard sale for $2.00.

Neal's Yard Frankincense Nourishing Cream - Well I've just started on it and I have to say, I'm liking it so far. The cream I was using left a couple of dry patches that are gone now.

Secret Vanilla Sparkle - I've been pretty stocked up on deodorants so I haven't been looking at the aisles lately. Wow, this stuff is delish. When I saw the Secret display I reached for the berry one first, it was very nice and I was about to put it in my basket well till ... I tried the vanilla. Wow.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil - I had to send off to Europe to find samples of this stuff, and I'm glad I did. With my Fresh Rice Powder Face Wash now discontinued, I need a replacement that is non-drying and leaves my skin soft.

Teavana Pear Luna - I now have a new 2nd favorite White Tea.

Oh and since Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum was mentioned, I thought I might as well plug his jasmine shampoo and conditioner. Quite pricey but if you use it only on the weekends, maybe you can rationalize the expense as mandatory rotation. You know you do need to switch to avoid buildup? That is the perfect excuse. This stuff is jasmine perfection. I have been using the Jasmine Oil Serum for awhile now and the scent is just lovely. After I rub it through my hair, I rub the excess on my arms. I tell you it's like perfume oil. My regular shampoo and conditioner is Fekkai Protein Rx Reparative Shampoo, I buy it in the large sizes from The scent is like vanilla cake batter. I can't believe I now have two favorite shampoos!

Next up - Pure & Petal Hair Fragrances - I think I'll keep this little secret to myself for now, my reviews of these products to follow shortly.

Were there mistakes? Yes - Lancome Fatale Comb Mascara. Holy Cow, I'll leave this one to the experts. My eyes looked liked giant spider legs, and not your average house spider - tarantula legs. I'll stick with my Blinc Kiss Me Mascara, I can handle spider legs in the sink, but I'm not fond of how they look on my eyes.

So what about you guys? Any new discoveries?

Scent of the Day - Monday - 01/15/07

To those of you that have the Martin Luther King day off, I say, enjoy your holiday and your 3-day weekend. Don't you just love those? Who decided the work week should be 5 days anyway? People are so much happier on those 4 days, don't you agree?

I'm just testing Bond Chelsea Flowers today. What are you wearing?

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Scent of the Day - Friday - 01/12/07

Velvet Rope Parfum for me today, what are you wearing?

Sniffapalooza! A Few Details!

>>West Coast (Los Angeles) Sniffapalooza! The event will be on Saturday, February 10th, right before Valentines Day. And just like with our NYC Sniffapaloozas, we've planned a day crammed to the rafters with fragrance-related activities, a total immersion of scent, and a veritable feast for all the senses! You won't believe the fragrance-world luminaries you'll get to meet, the new information you'll be learning, the exquisite scents you'll get to sample, the new friendships that you'll form with kindred spirits, and the goodies you'll be gifted with to take home.

We feel it is our duty to warn you that Sniffapaloozas are addictive, and after you attend your first one you'll want to go to one every weekend of the year, but you won't be able to! So join us in West Hollywood on February 10th and you'll see what we're talking about...

If you are interested in attending please visit our website to register. <<

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MONOPOLY: Sephora Edition

Ok, I caved - after all I have been wanting my very own Monopoly set for umm 40 years, give or take. Being an only child I didn't own many games. Maybe not any games, come to think of it. Ahh the depravity. So I'm making up for it now with this fun set. The pewter tokens are: a lipstick, mirror, powder brush, compact, blow dryer, mascara. Shopping Bags and Sephora Stores replace Houses and Hotels. Pink Sugar's Perfume Place is one of the more pricey properties at $300, there is also Under Eye Circle, Curl-De-Sac, Rue De Toilette, Gloss Gardens, just to name a few. How cute is that?

Where else can you go to jail for having a Bad Hair Day?

Available for $29 from:Sephora

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 01/11/07

Anne Pliska for me today, what are you wearing?

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Fun Quiz

Thanks to Koneko's *Mostly* Beauty Diary! I found this fun quiz and thought you might enjoy it too. Although I'm not really a Ralph Lauren Blue, it might be closer than whatever perfumes they have on file. I definitely would wear it, but is it the real me? What is the real you? Have some fun and click HERE or the link below to find out!

Your Perfume is Blue

Like Blue, you change and adapt frequently.

One moment you're sexy and captivating...

The next? Fun, warm, and inviting.

You're hard to predict - but that's the essence of your charm.

Power scents: Jasmine, orange flower, and lotus flower.

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The Garden Trilogie - The Different Company - Review

Well I managed to get my hands on ample spray samples of all three of these at once, I was very excited. Now after trying them, I am less excited. Two of my favorite fragrances come from this line; Divine Bergamot and Jasmin de Nuit, so I had hopes for at least one of the new three. According to the website, "A new trilogie created by Celine Ellena, an enchanting trip in magic gardens." I'm not so sure there is anything magical or gardenesque about the first one at least: Sens et Bois.

- Sens et Bois -
Just for humor's sake I thought I'd include the very poor automatic free translation from the French website description - "Feels and Drinks evokes the refinement of the China Cedar associated to the Madagascar pepper. A unique olfactory experience and all in elegance." Well this one is Wood. Wood and Pepper. Below I found more notes, but essentially all you get is wood and pepper. I find it lacking depth and frankly I don't care to smell like wood. Strong wood is not a favorite note, and smelling like wood is not something that appeals to me. And if, just if, I wanted to smell like wood, this would not be the one I'd choose. I get the feeling if one were to wear this to a party, guests might ask if you are doing a room addition.

Notes: White violet, cedar, pepper, ginger, elemi, patchouli, incense

- Charmes et Feuilles -
Free translation - "Charm and Leaves opens us the harbors of a new olfactory environment. Peppered mint, sage and marjolaine compose this perfumed bouquets, promise of a generous spring." Ok, well the opening reminds me of Vick's Vaporub combined with The Body Shop's Satsuma. After that initial very vivid realization and trip down memory lane, it begins to soften into a kitcheny herbal scent that might be interesting on a Spring day if you had a decant. Sharp, minty, herbal.

Notes: Marjoram, peppermint, sambac jasmine, sage, clementine

- Ailleurs et Fleurs -
The bad translation - "Elsewhere and Flowers talks about us the softness of the associated neroli to the exhuberance of the tubereuse. An excessive emotion, a garden of soft and voluptuous flowers." A nice combination of neroli and tangerine make this one quite wearable but otherwise unremarkable. Slightly indolic, warm, close to the skin.

Notes: Neroli, tangerine, tuberose, black elder flowers, star anise, musk, plum, hazel tree blossom

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 01/04/07

Mandorlo for me today, What are you wearing?

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L'Instant - Secret Touch - Guerlain - Review

Well as you saw on my Best of 2006 list, I have fallen under the spell of this charming little genie bottle! So adorable. Since getting the news of the release of this from the Guerlain newsletter earlier this year, I have been searching for it. No one had any news of it, it is definitely flying low under the radar. Either that or Guerlain is out of ad money with the release of Insolence earlier this year. Anyway, I accidentally stumbled onto it at Perfume Bay, and on sale!

This little lovely is Guerlain's answer to Chanel's Sensual Elixir. Hey, it's working for Chanel, right? So this is L'Instant Parfum in a viscous base which you apply with a brush. So delish!
The adorable genie style bottle is white with gold swirls and sits at a tilt when it finally comes to a rest. It comes in a cream silk pouch accented with tiny violet crystals on the drawstrings. So sweet.

The scent is pure L'Instant parfum, no difference, just a nicer lasting formula due to the unique base. A sensual experience to apply with the tiny brush. L'Instant fans - you MUST add this to your collection!

You can find it right now at:
(By the way the launch date of 2003 refers to the L'Instant fragrance - this formula and bottle are new for 2006)

Here is a link to my previous post and an ad picture from Guerlain as well as Guerlain's ad copy if you are interested. Click HERE.

Scent of the Day - Wednesday - 01/03/07

L'Instant for me today, What are you wearing today?

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L'Inspiratrice - Divine - Review

The opening is chaos. Notes fighting for dominance; rose, powder notes, vetiver fighting with bergamot ... chaos. And the slight impression of heliotrope, trying to punch through. All vying for the top position. To quote Legerdenez Blog, "Something effervescent, boozy and bohemian." To that description I agree - there is a little Velvet Rope in there, a mixed with Teint de Neige, dash of LV Musk too. And yet somehow there is a calm that arises out of the confusion, a smooth powdered rose, along the lines of Fifi Chachnil, with a tobacco impression. Again I use the word impression, because I don't see the note listed but the impression is there. Very unique, definitely divine.

Oh and is not the ruby colored falcon lovely? I hope it comes soon to LuckyScent, in the meantime you can order from the Parfums Divine Website in France. Below is an open letter from the Divine website announcing this new release. Written by the perfumer, I found it so charming as to include it here:

Chère Madame,

I am pleased to annouce the unveilling of the sixth member of the D I V I N E world. I have called it
L ' i n s p i r a t r i c e, as it illuminates all those who enter its sphere.

L ' i n s p i r a t r i c e is a lofty meeting betwen patchouli and the rose. To welcome and celebrate this royal couple, notes both floral and gentle intermingle throughout the entire chord : ylang from the Comoros and bergamot from Calabria, peony and white musk, vetiver blended with vanilla and tonka bean. Beware ! Sensuality is in the air !

Will L ' i n s p i r a t r i c e cast a spell on you too ?

Très cordialement.
Yvon Mouchel
créateur de Divine

Scent of the Day - Tuesday - 01/02/07

Wow! Back to work in 2007! Can you believe how fast 2006 went? I was hoping that the Govenor might make today a state holiday as well as a federal one, but I guess not, so here I am. Are you back to work today? What are you wearing?