Tuesday, December 04, 2007

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Madelyn said...

Dear Victoria,
I miss you . How are you doing ? What if any new scents have you been wearing during the last few months ? For me.. Chanel No. 22.
Gerlain Double Spirituese Vanille. Rykeil Woman-Not For men, Shiloh. ,Miss Dior as well as my old favorites, Opium. Fleurs De Rocailes - caron, Aire De Cabochard.. I can't think of the others. Hermes - Hiris Vetier Tonka.
Nuit D'amour - Guerlain. s there no end ?
I really miss your daily scent of the day .
Hope you are well

Victoria said...

Hello my dear! Well I just got my SL Louve, so nice!! And I also love Sonya Rykiel's Belle. I just ordered a decant of Tom Ford's Amber Absolute, it is just memorizing!