Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello New Perfume of Life!

Wow, the new Perfume of Life board is just great. Vibrant and edgy with lots of customization, a new Instant Message Chat on the front page, a whole new look with rotating backgrounds. In addition to the [TALK] Chat side, there is a great new [SHOP] Shopping side, where fragrances can be bought and sold and even auctioned! Exciting stuff.

Although I have been not as active as I would have liked to be, I still have a great love of fragrances and many friends I have met along the way. It really feels good to be back among friends.

For me this is my third PoL board, and I am really excited to be a part of the unveiling! Thank you all my fellow mods (Volunteer Community Hosts) and congratulations to the newly created Counselor positions. Three new Counselors: FiveoaksBouquet, rockinruby and susanwinters. Thanks to our board owner Jeffrey Dame, for all the hard work and the drive to create for us this great new forum.


Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria,

How did you access the new board? I still just get the message about the board being down for transition to the new website. I googled, and yours was the only reference to the new board I could find!


Victoria said...

Hi, oh sorry I can't tell which Linda you are - but it is still in the test mode. Mods and perfumistas have been given a preview, but it will soon open at the regular address to all members. Keep checking!

Kaylovesvintage said...

yeah is looks great..I will come back also