Saturday, February 05, 2011

A New Beginning

Well I guess it's time I added a new post. Things have been busy and not busy, yet time flies. Since January I have stopped working, which still feels a bit surreal. Unfortunately I have a shoulder injury that is prohibiting me from really relaxing and enjoying my pursuits. Time spent on the computer is tiring and therefor I have withdrawn a bit. Quite ironic really as I had anticipated spending even more time here on my blog and on my Fragrance and Tea forums.

Time will tell what routine I settle into. For now it is feeling very much like an extended vacation. Not being a morning person at all, I have enjoyed the luxury of sleep, when my shoulder will allow.

One bit of news: I have been exploring journaling which has reignited my love of Fountain Pens. I have always loved them and feel so much more inspired when using one. J. Herbin has an incredible line of scented inks called Les Subtiles. I am using violet(of course) which is sweet violet scent as well as a divine color.

What else would you expect from a fragrance lover?

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