Thursday, June 07, 2007

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 06/07/07

Good morning! Well mystery scent week has been interruped by the arrival of my Donna Karan Gold. My lovely choice for today. What are you wearing?


besotted said...

Good morning dear V, all - I am wearing Christian Dior Dolce Vita today. The nose is Pierre Bourdon, who collaborated with Chris Sheldrake on Feminite du Bois. Dolce Vita is *definitely* related to FdB, as well as to Lutens's Bois scents. A delightful frag, smooth, spicy, woody, very well done.
Enjoy the day, everyone!
Hugs! - T xxxooo

Madelyn said...

Dear V, and Terry,
Opium, Opium and more Opium ! Love it - My signature .
Dolce Vita - is exquisite. It is sexy, feminine I have wonderful memories wearing it ..I love it's woody , spicy qualities.
I'm going to the Sunday Sniffa event - are you ?

Anonymous said...

Good day Vic, Terry & Madelyn!

Borneo 1834 is my sotd. Lovely, lovely patchouli scent. I can't do patchouli, so I was very surprised with this one. Beautifully done scent.

Dawn :)

Arhianrad said...

Hiya everyone! Wearing LV Dilmun today :)

MarkDavid said...

Hello girls!!

Madelyn - I was all signed up to go but I had to cancel b/c I have a mega-presentation to give at 8AM Monday. Think of me while you're in fragrant bliss - promise?

Today it is Chinatown for me. Its a recent purchase - my first full bottle of Bond - and I think, with the exception of Nouveau Bowery - the only one I care to own.

Hope you are all well. Vic, I love the rendering of the lily in Gold, it is divine. But the only thing about it is, when I spray it - the visions it conjures dont include Gold. Copper, perhaps. Probably silver, though. What do you think? Is it gold on your skin?

Love to all,

Victoria said...

Mark, I'm wigging out right now, because I didn't get the bottle you are describing! I forgot that one, it had been so long. This bottle is clear with a black wood top. Ok, now I am realizing I have EDT. Bummer.