Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Scent of the Day - Wednesday - 06/06/07

Well I think it will be mystery scent week, as I have found another unmarked partial decant. For those wondering if I ever figured it out, I believe yesterday's scent to be Rance Josephine. I have less confidence I'll figure this one out. It is fairly orange colored and has a plasticy note. Floral and amber. What is your choice today?


aryse said...

Hi Victoria dear,

I am back to my work since yesterday.Difficult...difficult, but the weather is shining and the sky very blue.
Today, I am wearing a perfect perfume for the season : DESIR for men, the new perfume of Rochas.
It's a very fresh and fruity fragrance with a little smell of....chocolate (it is why the name is perfect) :-)

There is also a version for women.WAHOUUUUU.

Kisses charming Vic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic!

Nandebary Green.

Hello to all. :)


Anonymous said...

p.s. I have no idea what your mystery perfume is today but I would like to call it "Floramber".



freegracer said...

Good morning, Victoria and Everyone.

Wearing Vol de Nuit today. It's actually quite good in the heat and humidity.

Hope you figure out after all your mystery decant. You're braver than I am to wear something unlabeled. LOL.

Good day to all.

Arhianrad said...

hiya, everyone! Wearing POTL today :)

besotted said...

Hi dear V, all, it's lovely Caron Aimez-Moi for me today.
Hugs! - Terry xxxooo

Flora said...


It's Balmain's Jolie Madame for me today.

Everyone smells lovely; aryse, you smell especially good! :-D

Victoria said...

Well I never figured this one out, but it was a lovely ambery floral with powder. I have to let it go, as it is gone, and I'm so close to crazy, no sense driving myself the rest of the way. :O)

katiedid said...

Heh. Love the idea of a mystery fragrance with no answers. However, I really would hate the actuality of it!! It must be driving you nuts to not know the answer to its identity. Hope you are able track it down eventually.

Scent for today is Tommy Bahama Set Sail Men - I blame this one on my sis who is nuts for it, and made me put it on for her to see what it did (we're almost pefume opposites as far as what smells good on each other, heh.)