Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, I have been on an extraordinary journey through tea. Starting slowly when I moved away from coffee. I went back to the teas I knew from my youth. Still loving my black teas I somehow stumbled onto whole leaf then oolongs. I have to tell you the experience was amazing. The tea world opened to me just as the fragrance world opened when I found Perfume of Life. The whole experience of it, the aroma of the dry leaves, the warm steam, the scent of the tea, and the taste - sometimes delicate, sometimes bold, the sensual art of making and drinking tea captured my heart. I suddenly found myself bouncing from supplier to supplier buying samples and feeling compulsive and crazy to experience it all.

And now I think I have come to a peace. As I did with perfume, to enjoy the teas that come my way, rather than to make it my mission to try everything. And now I feel calm and centered surrounded by my perfumes and sweet enjoyment of my tea.

Never would I have believed or understood so fully the kindred spirit between perfume and tea, the bond of the senses, had I not taken the journey. Ah life is sweet indeed!


Andy said...

Fragrant greetings to you. This sounds wonderful, coming to peace, and taking scents as they come along without the urge to try everything.

And I can see how similar a passion teas can be!

Flora said...

Welcome back! I have missed your postings, but I see you have been embarking upon new adventures.

I am a tea lover as well, though I do enjoy my coffee a lot. Tea is more for weekends for me, when I can sit and enjoy their fragrance at my leisure. I do understand the lure of tea!

Madelyn said...

Dear Victoria,
It's such a pleasure to see you posting again - even on tea! I am a coffee and tea lover. I usually crave the caffeine and the energy . I am curious now about the world of yunnan and oolong teas.
It is ,however, difficult to explain my passion for the finer things in life to friends that just "don't get it ".
Thank you for reinforcing this validatiion.

Ayala Sender said...

Teas can be such a beautiful experience, perceived through all the senses. My friend Dawna, who is a tea master and creates her teas for me has certainly got me deeper into this world... Creating a tea or a tea blend an art form just like perfumery is. And just as in perfumery - enjoying it is an art form on itself. My favourites include jasmine green tea which is just like drinking a song... (be sure you get the perfumed tea, not the aromatized! the perfumed teas take their flavour and aroma from the real flowers and plants; aromatization is using natural & artificial flavouring, which results in a far inferior tea). The blends Dawna created to accompany some of my perfumes in my collection made me fall in love with the tea ceremony, and consider the whole concept of "meditation in a cup" as part of my life style.

Victoria said...

Awww Ayala, thank you for your nice post. It is indeed the aroma and beauty of tea that has drawn me. Wow custom blended tea, sounds really nice. And to match your perfumes, ahhh so beautiful. Thank you for your post.