Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Congratulations to Nancy, known to many of us fragrance lovers as Fishbone96. She is now selling decants directly from her blog, you can check out her inventory here: Fishbone96

Best wishes Nancy!


Fragrantica said...

Allow us please to promote little fragrance pool we are running at

Our aim is to find out what the opposite sex prefers. We think that this experiment is an interesting one and that the results might be very diverse, but let us see.

An Insane Housewife said...

I ordered from Fishbone and have to tell you that she is AWESOME!! I will definitely be sending her more money and more money!! Victoria, where are you? You single handedly got me to try Anne Pliska ( thanks to your blog) and then disappeared. I have to say that I am totally ADDICTED to Anne Pliska!!! LOVE LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much!