Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

What is more romantic than Paris? Harney & Sons have a wonderful tea to celebrate the romance that is Paris. Their Paris Blend tea is a smooth cup of warming black tea blended with black currant, creamy caramel and a light touch of bergamot. This is a great tea for sipping together on a Paris balcony.

Truly, what is more romantic than Paris?

Harney & Sons - Paris Blend


IrisLA said...

That is the cutest tea cup. Thanks for the tea recommendation. Happy Valentines Day, Vic!

MarkDavid said...

that tea cup IS amazing. I'd love one that makes a clover shape.

Happy Valentines Day, dearest V!


Victoria said...

Thanks Irisla, so nice to see you!

Victoria said...

Awww thanks MD, I have missed you!

violetnoir said...

V, that is a great tea, my favorite! Of course, I love anything associated with Paris, but that tea is the best.

I enjoy it at my local bistro with a slice of cake from Sweet Lady Jane.

Hope you are well!


Victoria said...

Oh Violet!! We must meet for cake at Sweet Lady Jane!

Thank you for stopping by! Yes everything Paris. Ahhhh!