Monday, March 10, 2008

Emerald Dream - Estee Lauder - Review

Estee Lauder Emerald Dream Perfume for Women 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray. I really fell hard for the packaging on this lovely perfume. Green glass and I go back a long way. It fills my kitchen and is the stuff of my dream bathroom. So when I saw this at Ulta, I knew as soon as I picked up the bottle, it would be going home with me.

The campaign - "Close your eyes and you’re there – your own private oasis. Enter a sun-drenched garden hidden away from it all. An exclusive and luxurious retreat filled with intriguing scents and brilliant color. Wander down sun-dappled paths to a refreshing pool of blue-green water. Float away and feel the warmth of the sun caress your skin. This is your dream, this is your moment all to yourself. Discover Estee Lauder Emerald Dream, a captivating new fragrance which will exhilarate your senses, gently beckoning with an invigorating blend of sparkling freshness, alluring warmth and smooth sensuality. "

Opening with sparkling top notes of citrus and floral it is bright and sunny and does remind one of a tropical vacation. Especially as the mid notes emerge and you get that "beach skin accord". Eventually drying down to a nice light floral and sandalwood base. Nice for what it is, what I call an escape fragrance. Everyone should have a couple.

Notes: tangerine, apricot, honeysuckle, blue basil, mimosa, violet, blue iris, emerald orchid, plum, marigold, cyclamen, beach skin accord, blue cypress, sandalwood and Hawaiian kamani wood.

I found mine at : ULTA


Kaylovesvintage said...

sounds good, would I like it?

Anonymous said...

Dear V,
I lovvvvvvve it ...!! What a gorgeous bottle in all its green glory. Is it a new scent ? I am very curious . EL always has such creative advertising. now only if the juice is good ..

Perfumeshrine said...

The green shade of the bottle is gorgeous. I agree with you!
I seem to remember it's a limited edition?
I don't recall if we discussed this on POL or not. Should probably hunt down a sample to review it on my blog too, sounds nice :-)

Anonymous said...

I had it, its very very good perfume, my grandma gave it to me, she bougth it in Cancun Mexico, I want another one, somebody can tell me how can i get it please. Because a have been looking for it and I have not had luck.
I need a good price

my email is

thanks :)

Victoria said...

YOu can easily find this one on eBay or just Yahoo Search!