Sunday, March 30, 2008

Narcotic Venus - Nasomatto - Review

Narcotic Venus Extract de Parfum at $148 for 30ml (1oz) may be the most expensive fragrance I have ever purchased. But then again the funds used were birthday money, so the guilt is far less. The whole intent of birthday money is to buy something you would not normally buy for yourself, right? This is one lovely and extravagant indulgence to be sure.

Narcotic Venus is a beautifully crafted creamy white floral stunner. I find it especially lovely due to the overall sweet tone and the total flower IMPACT. This, if any, should be called Flowerbomb. It packs a solid floral punch yet carries it off with a feminine sweetness and charm that few could resist. Although tuberose is the main player, backed up with jasmine, there is a surprising lack of any real indolic notes here. Something that usually causes me to shy away from creamy florals. You take heavy creamy richness, add indoles, and I'm feel a little green around the gills. Not so here.

Nasomatto’s own description of this scent explains it as, “…a quest for the overwhelming addictive intensity of female sexual power.” Lucky Scent refers to it as an ..."absolute and total mankiller". Respectfully, I disagree. Definitely feminine, beautiful and haunting. I have trouble viewing it as the bad girl image it is portrayed to be. I wore this quite confidently to church on Easter Sunday without feeling like a trollop. I also submit this would make an unforgettable WEDDING fragrance.

Quite good staying power, although it tends to become more and more of a skin scent as it drys down to its lovely spicy lily finish. Simply stunning. I'm quite in love.

Tuberose, jasmin, lily, spices

To buy or for more info click here: Lucky Scent - Narcotic Venus

Ed Note: On this perfume - at the post office - I probably got the best or most reactionary comment on a perfume EVER. I walked in and was standing at the slots where you deposit your own mail and was sorting through the stuff I brought in. A man was there next to me sorting also. Almost immediately he said,

"Oh you smell good."
"Oh your perfume, wow."
"Wow that is really nice"
"Oh I can't even concentrate, oh wow"
"What is that?"
"It's very nice"

He was a normal guy and even surprised at his own reaction. He wasn't flirting. He was just caught off guard. I had the feeling he just said it out loud, not meaning to, and then just went with it.


chayaruchama said...

Good on you, sweetheart !
Nice to see you've found a new fragrant friend in NV.

Wear in good health, with greatest pleasure.

Love to you-

Victoria said...

Hello Chaya my dear! Oh I am getting into a lot of trouble these days!

More to come, but I am slooooow.

Big hugs to you!

Flora said...

This one sounds like someone was thinking of me when they made it - tuberose, jasmine AND lily?! fabulous! I must put it on my sample list.

Victoria said...

Ohhhh Flora, be careful!!
Very dangerous this one!

IrisLA said...

Congrats on getting Narcotic Venus and belated Happy Birthday! NV is a stunning floral. It is Fracas' ladylike cousin. Where Fracas is vampy and animalic (parfum), NV is buttery and fruity. NV for the wedding ceremony, Fracas for the honeymoon - LoL! Love 'em both.

Victoria said...

Hi Iris!! Yes I agree!
Thanks for the birthday wishes,

Flora said...

Update! I just obtained a sample of this in a swap - oh my GAWD it's fabulous, and dangerous indeed! Everything you said about it is true. Talk about a lemming! said...

tuberose, jasmine and lily sounds like a great combination. Jasmine scent is said to have a lot of relaxing qualities to it.