Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bois des Iles - Chanel

A new discovery, a new love. Soft, powdery and elegantly sweet. I have a very hard time with soft woods actually smelling like wood on me. And that is a good thing. A strong wood note can send me to sink in a scrubbing flurry.

Here's the description from Scent Direct:"1926. A fascination with distant lands. The heat of sensuality in a cool heart. The first great woody fragrance for women. The woody scent reveals itself slowly. Hot notes of sandalwood and vetiver, then Tonka bean and vanilla for mischief, a flowery heart for emphasis. A subtle revelation/discovery."

If I had read this first, I might never have tried this lovely fragrance. A lesson learned.


Anonymous said...

does Bois des Iles by Chanel comes with eau de perfume spray with the classic glass bottle?

Victoria said...

As far as I know it only comes in EDT as pictured and parfum. But the EDT is suprisingly long lasting. And of course th eparfum is heavenly :O)