Thursday, February 16, 2006

Citta di Kyoto - Santa Maria Novella

Ok, wow, I guess I got your attention today!
Now, I naively thought I was going to be the first to review this fragrance since it’s not released here in the states. But, it seems some other savvy Bloggers have beat me to it …Again. :O)

But here goes – My friend’s boyfriend brought this back for her from Madrid, but it seems to be widely available in Paris too. But I understand it is limited edition. I wish I could have taken a picture of the bottle for you. It is a special label, with a Japanese theme. I just got off the phone with Lafco’s LA store, they said it could be in any time, but I couldn’t pin them down further, but they took my number.

Now to the good stuff how it smells – it’s very lovely. It’s a soft, dry, woody incense inspired by Japanese temple incense. There is a very light medicinal opening note that may be camphorwood. I am guessing the other notes to be: sandalwood, cinnamon, cardamom, benzoin and Patchouli. I am taking a leap here and suggesting they may have also included aloeswood (Aquilaria agollocha), a fragrant wood used in Kyoto Incense. However it is on a protected species list and may not be available for harvesting.

This is one you might expect to find in the CdG Incense line, but I didn’t fall for any of those. Something in the drydown also brings to mind Bond’s Chinatown, which when you think about it is not that off-base. The base notes for Chinatown are: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cardamom and Guaiac Wood.

If you wanted to love L'air du désert marocain, but found it too dry, you will be happy with this one, a little sweeter, more feminine, more wearable. And it does seem to be longer lasting than other SMN scents. Now all we have to do is WAIT …Again.


NowSmellThis said...


Sorry for screaming. Thanks for the review. Boy, it doesn't sound like a Santa Maria Novella scent at all.

besotted said...

Thank you for the warm welcome, Miss V (((hugs)))! Nice place ya got here.

Enjoyed your review. So far I haven't had too much success with the SMN line but this one sounds like a lovely exception.

boisdejasmin said...

It sounds wonderful! I cannot wait to try it, and many thanks for a lovely review.

Heikke said...

That one sounds great,well done Vic
Terry nice to see you hear!!

colombina said...

Like Robin, all I can is

anna said...

Thanks for the review, it sounds like something i would like to try.

Anonymous said...

I live in Canada and am searching for the SMN Kyoto frgrance for men. does anyone know where I can get it?

Victoria said...

Hello, Aedes ships to Canada see the link below.

ivanna said...

I know that a small boutique in Gastown, Vancouver carries SMN and Citta di Kyoto. They have like 20 scents. I discouvered thme completely by accident, but it sure made my day! Farfalla. 57 e Corodova St Vancouver shop 604.215.8707