Thursday, February 09, 2006

Jasmin de Nuit - The Different Company

Ok, twice within a month I have fallen in love. It's not that I am fickle. I am still so very much in love with my Le Maroc, but alas like a sailor gone to sea, it is not within my grasp. So in the meantime I have taken another lover to my bed; Jasmin de Nuit.

My friend Dawn describes this one as sultry. I would agree it is sultry and sexy on the drydown, but it starts out resembling a crystaline musk. Powdery, sweet and musky. The sandalwood amber base is soft and sweet and rises to surround the floral notes. Just a hint of soft spice, leans this towards the soft oriental category.

This one is a very sweet floral that I wager can be loved by those who previously thought they couldn't wear jasmine. While some may balk at the price, remember this is 3oz. The bottle is just lovely with its heft and silvertone screw top, it makes its presence known.

Jasmin de Nuit was created by Celine Ellena and the notes are: Egyptian jasmin, amber, black currant, star anis, spices, cinammon, cardamom & sandalwood.

Available at LuckyScent


NowSmellThis said...

Agree with sultry, but it just wasn't me. I do love the TDC packaging though.

Victoria said...

Well now that would be consistant with our mostly opposite tastes.
It's probably the powdery amber, the one I love so much and you ... don't.

Somehow we do manage to love a few of the same ones though.


boisdejasmin said...

I also love Jasmin de Nuit. Its spicy top and slighly earthy base are so wonderful.

colombina said...

I have fallen for Jasmin de Nuit recently as well.

As for Le is now available at Luckyscent!

Victoria said...

Yes, too bad I ordered my Le Maroc on Feb 2nd. Oh well I have enough others to see me through.
I think.