Monday, February 13, 2006

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Today I'm wearing Caron Bellodgia Parfum -
Caron intorduced Bellodgia in 1927. Named after an Italian town, Bellagio on Lake Como, the fragrance is warm and spicy with notes of: carnation, jasmine, Bulgarian rose and lily of the valley.


Anonymous said...

Idole. What can I say about this one? It's spicey and sexy. I'm rather surprised I like this one. Similar to DK Chaos but a little richer.

Have a good Victoria!


katiedid said...

I'm stew today again. A little Cumming left over, with a touch of Ma Griffe on the wrists, and somehow I caught myself in the spray when my son wanted to put on Amarige HC earlier.

Victoria said...

Dawn, I'm surprized!

Kaie, I alwsy think of your "Stew" coinage when ever I test too many.