Friday, February 03, 2006

Le Maroc Pour Elle - Tauer Perfumes

My new love, my latest passion, is this hauntingly beautiful fragrance from Tauer Perfumes - Zurich, Switzerland. This time I surprised even myself. The first time I tried this scent, I thought wow, such a medicinal opening, I don't like that. After being turned off by many medicinal type scents it was a knee jerk reaction. But wait, the next time I tried it knowing the opening was there, my reaction was different. Humm, I do kinda like this after all. It is unique, interesting, inviting. I set my sample aside for further testing.

Lying in bed a few nights ago, I suddenly crave this. I jump out of bed and go retrieve my sample. Yes, it's comforting now, smooth and velvety. And now my nose is stuck to my arm. In fact, I can't get enough.

"Le Maroc pour elle is the perfume of the Moroccan rose at dawn, combined with the seductive evening scent of jasmine. The flower fragrances melt into the enchantment of cedar wood from the High Atlas, forming a truly sensual oriental perfume. The head note is composed of fresh citrus and hints of lavender. Cedar wood forms the perfume body, gently combined with the balm of oriental woods." - Tauer Perfumes

The Moroccan (Maghreb) Rose and Atlas cedarwood are from the region know as Maghreb. describes Maghreb as an Arabic term for NW Africa. It is generally applied to all of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia but actually pertains only to the area of the three countries between the high ranges of the Atlas Mts. and the Mediterranean Sea. It is from this region these precious oils are produced.

Intoxicating, compelling, addictive.

You can find Le Maroc Pour Elle for sale on the Tauer Perfumes website. (Now in English)

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