Saturday, July 01, 2006

- Arrogance is Bliss - Review

Summer cocktails anyone?

Arrogance Mix - Lime Zucchero (Lime Sugar) is a sweet summer cocktail to freshen up a hot day. The key to making lime feminine and not masculine, as in so many men's colognes, is SUGAR. The opening of this sweet lime concoction reminds me of a lime version of Aqualina's Pink Sugar, but only the first blast. Unlike Pink Sugar, this is simple and less complex; notably so with fewer notes. The lime blast is sweet, juicy and a bit tart. I don't detect the anise note (that's a good thing), this scent is mouth watering and delicious enough to be served with a tiny umbrella. The drydown is a very subtle soft floral musk that lays close to the skin, but is sexy, in a clean sort of way.

Notes: Lime, Star Anise, Rose, Hazelnut, Sugar, Musk.

These EDT's are not long lasting, but fun nonetheless. My favorite by far of the line is the Lime Sugar but Sephora also offers:

Litchi, Mandorla
Notes: Litchi, Coriander Leaves, Peony, Milk, Almonds, Musk.

Muschio Blanco, Mela
Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Kumquat, Apple, Osmanthus, Vanilla, White Musk.

99Perfume.Com offers these additional scents:
Basil Mandarin, Vanilla Papaya

Interesting note: The Arrogance Mix line is made in Italy by Schiapparelli Pinkenz, the perfumer behind Shocking de Schiaparelli, Blu Bluemarine, Zut and others.

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Anonymous said...

Nice review Vic. I have never heard of this line. The one you are wearing sounds refreshing.


Anonymous said...

Basil Mandarin, Vanilla Papaya
are also available at the Perfume Store.

Anonymous said...


I received a small sample of the Arrogance Mix Litchi, Almond with an order from Sephora. I usually don't care for the "sweet" scents but this one is really delightful. It's light and clean. Strangely enough, Sephora doesn't carry it.