Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jarling - Jar Parfums - Review

As a perfume enthusiast, I couldn't really pass up the opportunity to sniff these two Jar Parfum samples. I knew that Golconda was a carnation scent, but I had no idea what Jarling was. Carnation being one of my favorite flowers, I wasn't disappointed with Golconda. Not knowing any notes, Jarling it turns out is a warm, creamy heliotrope/almondy scent. Not really my style, but nicely crafted and softly wearable. A nice comfort scent.

Jarling opens with what I perceive to be heliotrope with a barely there anise note. The composition is rather linear, but over time mellows to a powdery, almondy, softer version of itself. As others have stated these scents are long lasting. I applied it before bed and could still smell it this morning, however it is very close to the skin.

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