Tuesday, July 18, 2006

La Maison Guerlain, Neiman Marcus, San Francisco

MAJOR NEWS!!! Well I think it's major news! The West Coast Guerlain Boutique is now open! It is located inside Neiman Marcus, 150 Stockton Ave, San Franciso. The phone number is 415-362-3900 and I spoke to a lovely SA named Josie. They currently only have a few of the boutique fragrances in stock, but hope to get more shipments soon! Is this exciting news? I mean I can drive there in six hours if I had to. And as you know, sometimes you just have to!!

Currently In stock: Angelique Noire, Rose Barbare, Cuir Beluga, Plus que Jamais, and Liu. They also have the Baby Guerlains and Lovely Cherry Blossom. I believe more will be coming around August 20th when the shipment of Insolence also arrives. They also mentioned they are selling Nehema, which was previously not sold at that Neiman Marcus.

"Located in a vintage Beaux Arts building dating from just after the 1906 earthquake and fire, this is one of San Francisco's most upscale department stores."
Hours of Operation:
10am-7pm Mon-Wed & Fri-Sat, 10am-8pm Thurs, Noon-6pm Sun

Very exciting news for us West Coast people!!!


Cait Shortell said...

Oh! I am flapping my little wings with the sheer thrill of this news!!!!

Victoria said...

Me too! I can't wait to go up there, I'm planning a trip for August, they should have more goodies in by then. :O)

chaya ruchama said...

It's SO unfair!
You girls are way closer than I am.
But I guess distance may keep me on the straight and narrow, thus enabling me to pay college tuition...SIGH...

IrisLA said...

Hooray! This is a good reason to drive up for a weekend.

Ina said...

Wow! How unbelievably cool! We need one in the Midwest region (read: Chicago). Wah!

Victoria said...

Chaya, Please point me to the straight and narrow!! ;O)

Irisla, sounds like a great excuse to me!!

Ina, you can order from phone from either, maybe with no tax? And you gotta love those dicount coupons!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

Speechless here. Well, I'll have to give you some money so you can bring me back some Angelique Noir. That is a beautiful fragrance! Thanks for the post.

Dawn :)

Victoria said...

I'm speechless too! I can't believe there wasn't some kind of announcement! Well I guess now there is!

Anonymous said...

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