Friday, July 14, 2006

Scent of the Day - Friday - 07/14/06

Guerlain Attrape Coeur for me today. I have been in a Guerlain mood lately. What are you wearing today??


greeneyes said...

Hello, Opium Fleur de Shanghai again. It's so pretty, I can't resist it.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Heikke said...


Dammuso by Profumi di Pantlleria, really nice for a hot summer day

see you

Madelyn E said...

Hi Victoria,
For Friday, Bastille Day - i am wearing Opium- which was my signature scent for many years and my preferred "Summer - not Winter scent "/ Where can you buy Attrape Coeur by Guerlain - in New York ?
Have a fragrant weekend-
Best Regards,
Madelyn E

besotted said...

Hi Vic, today it's Serge Lutens Santal de Mysore. I do wish its spicy, caramelized top notes would hang around longer but it does end up clean and sharp - to me it's more like cedarwood than sandalwood.

*waves to Heikke* Enjoy your Friday, lovelies!

Anonymous said...

Tubereuse Criminelle. Let the camphor opening cool me off. Cindy

Victoria said...

Hello greeneyes!! Me thinks you are addicted to that Opium. ;O)

Victoria said...

Heikke my dear!! Have a lovely weekend, miss you!

Victoria said...

Madelyn, Attrape Coeur is (I think)available at the Guerlain Boutique at Bergdorf's in NY. My frend is in Paris ejoying the Bastille day holiday as we speak!

Victoria said...

Terry, it sound like the new chypre rouge will be just your style! Thanks for stopping by!

Victoria said...

Hi Cindy, you smell marvelous!! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

Sira Des Indes that I sampled this a.m. at Nordie's. I really like it and I'm surprised that I do.

Have a nice weekend. We are off to the Hollywood Bowl tonight to see a show.


chaya ruchama said...

Hello! It's Rose Poivree for me- 90 degrees, and I want to smell like divine,decadent decay with a soupcon of cat-pee[civet, to the initiated and devout]...

Besotted- I, too, am mad for Santal de Mysore- it becomes very creamy and full-bodied for me on the drydown. Odd how differently things develop, no?

Have a lovely w/e, all! Keep hydrated!

Anonymous said...

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