Friday, December 29, 2006

Best of 2006

For me My Favorite Things for 2006 are my favorite new perfumes discovered in 2006. As many of you know Anne Pliska is my Holy Grail Fragrance, the one that I love above all. But being a fragrance lover, I also fell for many new fragrances this past year. These are my favorites, the ones that really stand out above the rest:

#1 - Le Maroc Pour Elle - Tauer Perfumes
Intoxicating, compelling, addictive. What more can I say about a rose fragrance that is so unique and captivating? You can find my review by clicking HERE.

#2 - Cuir Amethyste - Armani Prive
You can tell from my review I wasn't initially sold on this one, but once I had my own bottle, I did fall for it completely. I have a bottle of the first formula, in trying the second release I think it is now less violet and more suede. I love this first formula, so I'll cherish this bottle, but will replace it when it is gone. So unique. You can find my review by clicking HERE.

#3 - Orange Blossom - Le Couvent Des Minimes
This line found at Bath & Body Works has me totally captivated. I adore each and every product. It is such a lovely, sweet, orange blossom scent that lasts all day and smells so delicious. You can find my review by clicking HERE.

#4 - Eau De Menthe - Heeley
This little mint number kept me cool and refreshed this summer. I reached for it often and it will be a staple from now on. Fresh and cool. I gave my sister-in-law a decant of this for summer, and she loved it so much, she asked for a whole bottle for Christmas.

#5 - Fresh Carnation - DSH Perfumes
A new carnation love, this one's fresh-picked-with-dew notes took me by surprise and has quickly become my most reached for carnation scent. You can find my review by clicking HERE.

#6 - Jasmin De Nuit - The Different Company
Oh what a sweet sexy little jasmine Celine Ellena has created here. A crystalline quality, powdery, sweet and musky with a soft sandalwood-amber base. You can find my review by clicking HERE.

#7 - Wenge - Donna Karan
This warm, spicy, soft wood won me over in the wood catagory. Wood notes, previously not a favorite, now in this fragrance feel like a soft blanket of spicy powder. Sexy, warm, and comforting, all at the same time.

#8 - Insolence - Guerlain
Well after all the hype and airbrushed ads, I really do love this one. The violets woo me. It is bright, happy, uplifting. I like that it lasts and garners compliments along the way. You can find my review by clicking HERE.

#9 - Cuir Venenum - Parfumerie Generale
Well wonders never cease - two leathers on my 2006 list! Guess what I reached for on Christmas Day? A switch from my usual Anne Pliska, surprise, I went with this one. This gourmand combination of leather and honeyed musk and caramel with light floral overtones is so sumptuous!! You can find my review by clicking HERE.

#10 - Guerlain - L'Instant - Secret Touch
Appropriately placed at the end of my list since I just discovered this one in December. I had heard it was to be released this year, but no one had any news of it. I accidentally stumbled onto it at Perfume Bay. And on sale! This little lovely is the Guerlain answer to Chanel's Sensual Elixer. It is L'Instant Parfum in a viscous base which you apply with a brush. So delish! Not to mention the adorable genie style bottle that comes in a cream silk pouch accented with tiny violet crystals on the drawstrings. Sweet.

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    Beauty Chick said...

    I'm intrigued by the leathers AND the mint... planning for winter and then something refreshing come spring, I guess. Thanks for a great list!

    Anonymous said...

    Great list - I could not argue with anything but the Insolence, which I found to be far too sweet, and a disappointment to my nose.

    Of your faves, Le Maroc Pour Elle is also one of my top 10 - a real masterpiece. And we share the Le Couvent love as well!

    Marina said...

    I love so many things on your list: Le Maroc, Wenge, Cuir Venenum! Happy New Year!!

    Anonymous said...

    Mmmmmmm Le Maroc. Love it :)

    Annieytown said...

    I loved Wenge! It is stunning.
    One of my new years resolutions is to start exploring these indie niches. Andy Tauer is first.

    This is a great list as always!!!

    Have a great New Year V!

    Anonymous said...

    great list.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Vic! Great List!

    Its ironic you added Orange Blossom because I bought a bottle yesterday. But mainly, I want to tell you that the entire Orange Blossom line is 75% off at Bath and Body works right now so try and hit that up if you need to replace anything thats getting low.

    Have a most fabulous New Year! Promise?

    boisdejasmin said...

    Wenge is such a comforting scent, and although I find the price to be ridiculous, I enjoy it very much. Thank you for a lovely list!

    Happy New Year, V!

    Anonymous said...

    Cuir Amethyste! I feel ashamed for leaving it out. Great list!

    Anonymous said...

    Loove this list! More scents for me to try out now. Happy New Year!

    Gaia said...

    I recently discovered Tauer perfumes and can't get enough of them. Today I'm wearing L'air du désert marocain.

    Happy New Year!

    Caitlin Shortell said...

    I can relate to your choices because we both love romantic florals so much. I want to try the L'Instant you mentioned. And le couvent is totally new to me.

    Patty said...

    Such a great list, and I'm glad March threw in the Cuir Amethyst on her part of the Bests, I would feel bad if it got missed!

    Happy New Year!

    katiedid said...

    OMG, the Secret Touch just became an instant (or, heh, a l'instant) lemming! That packaging alone is irresistable.

    I agree with you (of course!) about the Le Maroc. Intensely addictive. And I guess I hadn't thought about it that way, but it is quite unique.

    Great list, V. And thanks again for forcing me to discover the Le Couvent Orange Blossom. It was a great fragrance, too bad the products are already a goner from their shelves. (At least in my neck of the woods, sigh.)

    Dinah said...

    ahh what a great list and now I need to get some new perfume.

    Koneko said...

    You list sounds lovely. I am very intrigued by the L'Instant and w/ all the praise for Wenge, I need to try this at once!
    Happy New Year!! =)

    Bela said...

    Oh, I've only tried one of those scents! Must remedy this asap. :-)

    Happy New Year!

    Anonymous said...

    An update on the Le Couvent Orange Blossom - I went to stock up yesterday, as they are having their half-yearly sale. It turns out the the Orange Blossom is a Spring item ONLY - right now they have only the Orange Cinnamon fall/winter version, which is nice but NOT the same! If you can find any leftover items on sale, grab them! Also try online at their web site, maybe they have stock left. I am off today to look for some at the other B&BW store in my area in hopes that there is some shower gel and body cream left, as those are my two favorite things in the line. When the Spring items come in, grab them! They have another sale that starts in May, I think, and I plan to get a whole year's worth of the stuff then. One of my favorite bedtime pleasures is the Orange Blossom body cream for my hands and feet - it is so rich and wonderful. The jar is BIG, so I decant it into a smaller jar so the big one stays fresher. Two of the big jars should last a year for most people - maybe not us though.... :-D

    Gretchen said...

    Lovely list! Happy New Year!

    Victoria said...

    Thank you all for stopping by! So nice to see you!

    Thanks markdavid & flora for the orange blossom update, I'm going there tomorrow!

    Hehe at the L'Instant lemming, funny!

    Thank you all & Happy New Year!

    Carla said...

    All this talk of Wenge has me curious now... adding this to my list, which has grown quite a bit throughout this project. :) Happy New Year!

    Parisjasmal said...

    Hello V!

    Lovely Fragrance List!
    I also love the LeCouvent line. Their Orange Blossom and Honey are both wonderful.
    I adore Jasmine De Nuit by The Different Company too. You have spawned a lemming with the DSH Carnation. I must order a sample.

    Beautiful New Year to you!