Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fresh Carnation - DSH - Review

Sometimes you stumble over something wonderful on your quest for something else. Ever since testing a sample of JAR Golconda, it has been on my brain. When I heard DSH Perfumes had a dupe available, I went to her site to order a sample. While there I decided I might as well try Fresh Carnation too.

Well I have to say the dupe, called Fleuriste although nice, did not have the vivacious spiciness of Golconda. However, I have become quite smitten with Fresh Carnation. Enough so I have gone back and ordered the roll-on oil. After wearing it for a while, I am begining to think I also need the Body Wash, Lotion, Cream, EDP, and something called Water-Based Body Spray. Help! In other words, I think I am in LOVE. Again. Wearing this to bed is relaxing and cooling, as if you put your head in the florist case and took a deep sniff.

I love carrying the roll-on in my purse for those times when my scent of the day has left the building. It is an instant bright spot in my day.
Description from the DSH site: "lively and cool carnation scent with a less spicy, greener feel. (Unisex)"

Top notes: Bergamot, Tulip
Middle notes: Carnation, Purple Lilac, Sweet Pea
Base notes: Brazilian Vet

DSH Perfumes

photos: joanviolet100/webshots


Flora said...

Wow, Fresh Carnation sounds wonderful! I must try.

I love Golconda too, though I doubt I will ever own a bottle due to the price. I can get a whole stable of Serge Lutens for the price of one bottle of that stuff. Still... :-)

Victoria said...

I agree Flora! But I might splurge for a special ocassion, you never know. Wonder how big the bottle is? Maybe a bottle split would work. :O)