Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cuir Amethyste - Armani Prive

Well I have mixed feelings on this one. I want to love it because:
1. It's my birthstone.
2. It would look lovely on my dresser.
3. I love violets.

The soft suede-like leather and the ambery violets combine to form a wine-like note to my nose. When I just quickly sniff that is my first impression. Wine. As if violets could be made into wine and aged in oak barrels. If I close my eyes and really sniff, I can tell it's the sueded leather I am smelling and the violets. But still, it is fruity somehow. Not in a sweet fruity way but in a ripe fermentation way. Yes, that's it! More like fermented violets. Warm, heavy and thick.

It is unique, interesting, and one of those ones, that although you are not sure you love it, you can't stop sniffing your wrist.

Rumor has it that the reviews have not been good, causing Armani to think about tweaking the formula before it is released in the USA. It was due to be released in May but has been pushed back to October, and this could very well be the reason.

My question now is how will the new one be? What if I prefer this one? Should I buy this one just in case? But what if the new one is better? And more importantly since my vacation is coming soon ... do they sell this in Düsseldorf? :O)

Photo: Holt Renfrew - Thanks to V. for the sample.


Anonymous said...

Buy it.
I would.

Victoria said...

I think I will. I will look for it on vacation, that way the bottle will always remind me of my trip.

Heikke said...

THe bottle is cute....but I guess you need to love it more...!!

see you