Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cuir Venenum - Parfumerie Generale - Review

Ok, many of you may know I am not a leather lover, but this scent and its soft sweet leather notes have seduced me. It starts with a strong blast of sweet caramel. So gourmand it is absolutely mouth watering. As it softens is shifts between sometimes smelling like the softest sweetest suede and sometimes like caramel with a hint of orange. The floral orange blossom is there hovering ever so lightly above the mix. The cedar is very light and adds just a touch of wood to the drydown. I don't get any coconut at all. It is just so different and so delicious. A wonderful new find!

Leather, absolute of orange blossom, myrrh, citrus, cedar, coconut, honeyed musk

The lovely concoction is available from:

photo/notes: LuckyScent


besotted said...

Great review Vic, thanks! This sounds absolutely divine, and right up my alley, too.

Dusan said...

Thanks for the review and the notes - they are mindblowingly wonderful :)

Shannon said...

Thanks Vic! Of course, I now want to try this SO badly ... sounds right up my alley, too (waving at Besotted!)