Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Anne Pliska - Anne Pliska

Today I had the honor of being the first essay to grace the front page of the Perfume of Life website. Only fitting I should retell my Anne Pliska story and how I have come to be such an active member of the Perfume Of Life Forum.

You can read my story here:

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It occured to me today as much as I love Anne Pliska I have never written a review of it on my blog. So below I have recapped my Anne Pliska thoughts from my Best of 2005 list, and added a few more thoughts.

ANNE PLISKA - Always tops my list. My Holy Grail, my signature scent for 18 years. It's me, or who I aspire to be. The scent I always reach for on a special occasion or when I want to make a good impression. Yes, I have lots of others, but if I had to give them all up but one, I would choose Anne Pliska. Soft, powdery amber, sophisticated and sexy, it has it all. Always elegant, a classic.

Notes: bergamot, amber, patchouli, geranium, musk and vanilla

Some people sense a chilliness from this scent, I do not. From my experience those who perceive it as chilly usually do not fall in love with it. If you love orientals, most who try this one will fall for it. I find it to be the most beautifully crafted, soft amber scent ever created. It does not have any of the medicinal amber smell of Ambre Sultan, but rather a warm softness that envelopes the other notes and folds them into sheer perfection. Make no mistake, this is an amber scent. The other notes are just along for the ride. The bergamot provides a bright opening. The orange and vanilla melt together into a softy musk base. The geranium adds the floral note while the addition of patchouli makes it sexy. The amber seems to become more powdery as it wears on the skin, however the whole composition stays rather linear. Although not listed, I would be surprised if aldehydes are not in this composition. The opening is amplified and reminiscent of some Guerlains.

And let me tell you this one garners compliments! Men love it. I have had strangers come up to me ask what I am wearing and to write it down so they can buy for their wives. The sillage is great; it has presence. As I have said before, this one is sophisticated and sexy, and has it all. Perfection.


The Scented Salamander said...

Wow! Now I want to try it bad:)

Anonymous said...

I wore this perfume in my late teens and got so many compliments on it. Many were from men. I haven't worn it in over 10 years but your blog is making me think I will buy it again.

Thanks for taking me back to my youth. ;)

Victoria said...

You are welcome. I hope you do buy it again and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

men always tell ask me what scent am I wearing. I don't tell them. Women ask, too....... I don't tell them. I dont' want everyone having my signature scent!

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria. I was the one who posted about wearing this 10 years ago. I did end up getting Pliska again. I sent my husband the link a month ago, and he got it for me for Christmas. I can't believe I ever stopped buying this scent. I'm off to read your other reviews. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I also was wondering if you had any recommendations for a summer scent. I do not like most flower smells at all. I tend to like a lot of food smells though. It gets really hot here so I don't think Pliska would work in the heat. Any thoughts?

Victoria said...

Acutally I think Anne Pliska works well in the heat. But for another recommendation I guess I would say Heeley Mint from Lucky Scent. Are you in the USA?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am in California. The Heeley was actually on my list to try after reading some of your reviews.

MelissaJane said...

Victoria, I just received a bottle of Prada Eau de Perfume. It smells almost exactly like Anne Pliska to my nose. Do you find much of a difference between the two?

Anonymous said...

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