Monday, August 07, 2006

Blind Blogger Reviews

The reviews are in! My fellow bloggers have tried their best at detecting my three mystery scents, chosen my me, designed to confuse and befuddle! And of course I removed the three scents from my perfume list, just in case anyone went sniffing (haha) for clues! Below are the reviews by Marina of Perfume-Smellin' Things and Ina of Aromascope.

Mystery Scent No. 1:

Marina says: Pretty, flirty, powdery scent along the lines of Talco Delicato and Teint de Neige. It smells more floral (and more fruity) than my Talco Delicato and less floral than my Teint de Neige. I have never smelled any of the Stila fragrances, and for some reason I keep thinking this might be Stila Crème Bouquet. A couple of months ago, when I was in throws of mad love for Talco Delicato, this would have been urgently full bottle worthy for me.

Ina says: Floral overload! I'm getting a bouquet of white flowers, quite soapy, slightly powdery. It seems to just kind of stay that way. I'm getting a very pronounced soapy flowery note but I can't place what it is. Hard to guess what the scent is or what house. Very bright and cheerful. Methinks it's something available in department stores now. But, wah! I can't place it.I'm gonna totally flunk this.

The Big Reveal: Montale Chypre Vanille
Notes: Iris, rose, soft woods, oakmoss, vanilla, sandalwood and amber.

Mystery Scent No. 2:

Marina says: This is a tough one to describe. Is it floral? Is it fruity? It kind of is both of those things, but not overly so. It is also a little powdery…and understated, slightly sweet scent, not particularly interesting, but quite pleasant.

Ina says: Another floral but more grassy/oakmossy, with a slight vintage feel. Very mature and elegant. Seriously clueless as to what it might be but I've definitely never smelled it before. Dries down with a sort of animalic/fecal note. My guess it's an 80s scent.

The Big Reveal: I Coloniali Javanese Cananga
Notes: Ylang Ylang, musk, woods, amber.

Mystery Scent No. 3:

Marina says: My favorite of the three. The very color, dark golden, of the juice itself suggests that this might be vintage. It smells…classic, a little strange. Is it an old Guerlain I have never tried? It is dark and earthy, I smell vetiver and patchouli, and , God help me, it smells not entirely unlike my beloved Djedi. I want this!

Ina says: I know exactly what it is! Please don't tell me I'm wrong! It's Amir by Laura Tonatto! Is it not? Is it not? If it's not, it's a dead ringer for Amir. Trying to remember what else smells like it... I think I've read Tabu smells like Amir, so Tabu is my second guess. Ambery/mossy/grassy orange blossom.

The Big Reveal: Laura Tonatto Amir
Notes: Myrrh, petitgrain, lime wood, orange essence, incense, amber, musk, woods and spices.

Thank you both for your great reviews! And congrats to Ina for correctly guessing Amir! Today I begin my sniffing challange, three scents scent to me by Ayala of SmellyBlog. I fear I will not do as well!!


colombina said...

Oh wow, oh wow, that was Amir? I see a bottle of it in my future :-)
Thanky uo, Victoria, that such fun to test them.

Ina said...

Wow! I'm so glad I guessed at least one! Yay! This was fun! Would have never thought it was Chypre Vanille. No wonder I dind't guess I Coloniali - haven't tested the line properly. Thanks! :)

colombina said...

I also can't get over the fact it was Chypre Vanille. I wonder if Aedes mislabeled the sample I once got from them. Or my skin chemistry changed. It smelled so different then. Hmm.

Ina said...

Chiming in here on Chypre Vanille. I have a sample, too, and it smells mostly light vanilla. Nothing like what I got here. Hmm.

Victoria said...

That is very interesting on the Chypre Vanille that neither of you mentioned vanilla. I decanted it fresh from my new bottle I just got from Paris. It smells very vanilla from the bottle. I wonder if being in a vial for a while changes something?

I was afraid the dark juice was going to give away the Amir. I love Amir.

elle said...

How fun! I look forward to reading what your guesses are for the scents Ayala has chosen.

katiedid said...

Heh, what fun! Those were great, good job all around to everyone!

I am enamored with that particular I Coloniali. Like Ina mentioned, it is vintage feeling to me, too. It's fairly linear though, which is why I think it hasn't caught on particularly well. Still, it's one of my own regulars, and I'm delighted to see that you're obviously a fan, too, V!

chaya ruchama said...

Great job, folks-

I wonder about the Aedes samples, myself...
Sometimes , they don't smell at all like they're supposed to.

I'll have to revisit Amir- the Coloniali I wore a long time ago.

Would you suggest purchasing the Chypre Vanille? FBW?
For the price, does it last well?

Please share your thoughts...

Victoria said...

Chaya, yes, it is quite long lasting. The only place I know that has it is Aedes. I get mine from Paris because I like getting the smaller bottles. (Cheaper!)

You may want to inquire at the store below if they have or can get it for you, if you want the smaller size bottle: