Sunday, August 20, 2006

Scent of the Day - Sunday - 08/20/06

Guerlain Plus que Jamais - oh no, another lovely boutique scent, someone help me!!!


Anonymous said...

Perfumistas Anonymous is calling your name. :))

Before you join PA would you review this latest Guerlain you are infatuated with, please?


Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
I would be next in line to join PA ... Put the pot of coffee on. here I come. i do not have the time to possibly wear all the perfumes that I wish to wear. For ex. today, I (nearly..almost etc) succumbed to Fresh Pink Jasmine.
It is only a matteerof time and rent money! Enjoy
Madelyn E

ladyjicky said...

Maybe its a good thing we do not have a Guerlain Parfum Boutique in Australia! LOL

chaya ruchama said...

We are blessed indeed, that that evil NM in San Fran isn't anywhere near us [as if that ever stopped anyone...]

I suppose, if I HAD to choose, and my desert island only had a Guerlain boutique, I could somehow survive...

Christina H. said...

I think you have fantastic taste! I love PQJ too! It only has one drawback for me--it doesn't last very long on me! Today I'm wearing Jolie Madame.

besotted said...

Hi Vic, I wore Carthusia Ligea "La Sirena" today for the POL brunch.


chaya ruchama said...

Hmmm...Jolie Madame..Carthusia-
you smell terrific!

Ina inspired me to trot out my precious Cuir A. today [a magnificent, but poverty-inducing purchase]...

Must parcel out with care, as God knows when I'll be able to refuel!

Be joyous,all!