Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Guerlain Boutique Update - NYC

Just thought I'd pass along this NYC boutique update for those of us waiting for the USA release of some of the Guerlain Paris boutique Fragrances:

To My Fragrance Fanatics!
New Limited Edition Fragrances will be arriving August 20th: Les Parisiennes Collection
Attrape Coeur 125ml edt (Amber-Fruity-Musky)
Derby 125ml edt (Ferny-Chypree-Leather)
Lui 125ml edt (floral-Aldehydic)
Philtre D’Amour 125ml edt (Chypree-Fresh)
Insolence 3.4oz edt, perfume .25oz, plus Body Products

Please Reserve your Fragrances as they are limited! Always call and ask for JASON!
(212) 872-2734 (646)320-2637 Voicemail


ladyjicky said...

Oh boy am I jealous. Why oh why can't Guerlain put a boutique in Australia!
Yeah, i know what they would say - not the numbers.
Still-I can bitch about it can't I? LOL

Victoria said...

My dear, you have free license to bitch away! They need one down there!!! Can you even imagine how much business it would get?