Friday, September 15, 2006

Baghari - Robert Piguet - Review

Baghari was initially introduced in 1950, and has now been re-released as the third in the Piguet line, joining Bandit and Fracas. When my friend Dawn and I tried this at Neiman's on Sunday, after a full day of sniffing, we both thought it was very fruity. Dawn said she thought it was like Bond No 9 Little Italy and I was thinking it was more lemony/bergamot. It smelled fruity and sparkling. I bought it. When I got home and tried it later, it seemed much less fruity, more overall "perfumey". And as I have said before, perfumey can be a good thing. In fact the last time I remember reviewing a perfume that was perfumey - it was Le Dix. Both observations very coincidental, because guess what? The contemporary perfumer has worked with Bond No 9, and the original perfumer on Le Dix.

It starts out a sparkling bergamot note that as you sniff seems to recede within the powdery depths. The powdery aspect is less sweet than some; very reminiscent of Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige. In fact after checking, Teint de Neige and Baghari share at least five common notes: Rose, jasmine, vanilla, musk, amber. I also feel the Balenciaga Le Dix connection. I never caught even a glimpse of the violet, but another friend said she got iris and lots of strong violets in the middle. To me the rose and other florals are well wrapped in the powdery veil. The aldehydes are mild but do lend to the sparkling opening. The drydown is a soft vanilla amber and musk base. Long lasting but not as much sillage as you might expect. Definitely a quiet, refined, soft oriental. Very lovely, I'm quite happy with my purchase and I expect I will reach for it often this fall.

Notes: violets, neroli, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, rose centifolia, iris, bergamot, aldehydes, vetiver, amber, vanilla and musk.

You can read more about Baghari from the website here: Baghari

Baghari is available:
Le Bon Marché and Printemps (Paris)
Harvey Nichols (United Kingdom and Ireland)
Bergdorf Goodman (New York)
Neiman Marcus stores (U.S.)


ladyjicky said...

I have not heard of this Piguet. I do hope it comes to Australia. I would like to try this one. Its sunny and warm - spring here. Parure by Guerlain.

Victoria said...

Hello my dear, I am so glad it is warmer for your special weekend!

Anonymous said...

Nice review Vic. :)) It really is a nice fragrance. I spritzed it on yesterday from your sample and I'm still thinking about it.


Victoria said...

Hi Dawn! Do you find it's less fruity than we first thought?

Anonymous said...

Yes I do. Maybe our sniffers were off that day from all the sniffing. But, yeah, I agree it's not as fruity as I thought.


chaya ruchama said...

Hello, Vic-

I did cave for this one, and I feel that you've got it just right...

Lovely, discreet,elegant.
Not a passion, but a delight.
Not an obsession, but a pleasure.

Doesn't ladyjicky smell divine today- as do you, no doubt about it...

Have a lovely w/e-

Victoria said...

Hi Chaya, It's very lovey. I was expecting it to be alot stronger. So it was a nice surprise.