Friday, September 15, 2006

Scent of the Day - Friday - 09/15/06

Oh, I am so glad it is Friday! And as you can see I did manage to stay up last night and finish my Baghari review. I decided to wear this one again today in honor of the review and hey, just because I love it! What are you wearing on this lovely, finally Friday??


Shannon said...

good morning, Victoria! I'm wearing Trouble today. I recently scored a bottle of the scented dry oil on ebay, so I'm wearing that too. I love how smooth and silky that makes my skin feel.

Malena said...

Hi Victoria!
I´m not sure which perfume I´ll wear today, but thank you very much for your review on Baghari! I really think I´ll need that one, sounds just wonderful: a soft oriental, lovely :) That you mentioned Teint de Neige is a good thing, too, that´s by far my favourite perfume!

Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
Thank you for your review of the new/old Baghari ! It sounds fetching -- I may have to run to Bergdorf's- which is a dangerous venture $$$ wise ! Today- after thoughtful consideration , I am continuing my FM Musc Ravageur mode . Tell me Victoria, does your office staff - are they turned on to perfume because of you ?
Have a wonderful scented W-E !
Madelyn E

Victoria said...

Hi Shannon, ohhhh I have been wanting that dry oil for awhile ... must go to ebay!!

Victoria said...

Hi Malena, If you love Teint de Neige, I'm sure wyou will love this one too. Have a lovely day!

Victoria said...

Hi Madelyn, My office mates definitely have been influenced by my love of perfume. There is no escaping it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

I had a sample of Fifi Chachnil that I am trying out. The jury is still out on this one.

Happy Friday!


Victoria said...

Dawn, I like that one alot, but it is softer than I thought it would be. It needs more oomph!

besotted said...

Hi Vic, I'm wearing Maître Parfumeur et Gantier Ambre Précieux, a wonderful amber with lavender and spice notes, not too sweet.

Enjoy your Friday!

Victoria said...

Hi Terry, love those ambers! Have a nice weekend!

chaya ruchama said...

Heavenly scented females !

I've got on my new L'Air du Desert Marocain, and so far I've sprayed my 16 year old [he adores it] and a ravishing young lady from Africa
[HIV specialist].

I can't rave enough...

Have a great w/e, all- kisses-