Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Santalum - Patchouly - Acqua di Sale - Antico Caruso - Profumum Durante Roma - Review

I was planning on reviewing these scents one by one, but I found I don't have that much to say about each one, now that my favorite has been done, so I thought I'd condense them into two parts. Part II to follow tomorrow.

Santalum - My Second favorite from the line. A nice sandalwood, more woody than sweet, but not overly so. Nicely blended. It is simple and clean, this would be great on either sex.
Santalum Notes:
Sandalwood, myrrh, cinnamon

Patchouly - Warm, earthy, slightly chocolate. I find it very interesting that I like Patchouli scents, but really dislike it as an overpowering base note which is found in so, so many of the new releases. It is really getting tiresome. But as the main note, with the addition of amber, this one really mellows out and the light touch of incense in the base is just right. A Patchouli for those who never thought they could.
Patchouly Notes:
Patchouli, amber, sandalwood, incense

Acqua di Sale - A created ozone type note comes across quite strong in the beginning of this one. It soon settles to more of a sweet, beachy, skin scent. Not salty, more sweet. Funny, because my friend thought the opposite; more salty and more marine, less ozone. I'm not getting much, if any, cedar here. You gotta love beachy/ozone to love this. If you do, it is quite pleasant.
Acqua di Sale Notes:
Aroma of salt on the skin, myrtle, cedarwood, marine algae
Antico Caruso - This one opens with a lime note that tricks the nose into thinking this is a man's cologne. Quickly the citrus is gone and a nice sweet almond with floral-like tones emerges. The sweetness burns away and it deepens into pure almond as time goes by. Very nice for you almond lovers out there. More presence than Mazzolari's Alessandro.
Antico Caruso Notes:
Citrus, almond, sandalwood
Coming tomorrow -
Thundra, Ichnusa and a re-review of Acqua e Zucchero

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Malena said...

Hi Victoria,
That Patchouly sounds like a "must-test" to me, along with Fiori d´Ambra (perhaos too sweet for me, but I´ll never know if I don´t test it...), Santalum & maybe Antico Caruso.
I haven´t chosen yet what to wear today, perhaps I´ll test some samples.

Victoria said...

Hi Malena, well those are my favorites from the line. Yes do test, maybe you will find a new love. Have a lovely day!