Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thundra - Ichnusa - Acqua e Zucchero - Profumum Durante Roma - Review

Part II – Continued from yesterday.

Thundra - Not much more I can say about this one that the notes don't say already. Although I will rearrange the order -patchouli, leaves, a touch of mint and musk. An earthy patchouli with the dry crispness of added leaves and the slightest touch of mint. There is almost a smokiness here in the drydown that will be appreciated. The musk smooths the whole composition to a sueded finish. Unisex.
Thundra Notes:
Leaves, mint, patchouli, white musk

Ichnusa - Ichnusa starts out very green almost balsamy. Although the notes say grass, the mind says pine. No real fig here to my nose. Masculine, strong, with a strong soapy drydown. My friend says, Irish Spring? Some who like strong greens and don't mind that soapy finish may really like this one. Unisex.
Ichnusa Notes:
Myrtle, fig-tree wood, cut grass
Acqua e Zucchero - Ok, my first review of this fragrance back in February has now led me to believe I had a mislabled bottle. I was really wondering why a fragrance with sugar in the name didn't smell like sugar. No Sugar, no berries, no vanilla. I am now thinking that was actually Acqua di Sale. But that is not important now, this scent is sugar, not to worry. Pink Sugar, and lots of it. So if you like Aquolina Pink Sugar you will like this too. Spun sugar, sweet berries and a yummy vanilla drydown.
Acqua e Zucchero Notes:
Orange blossom, wild berries, vanilla
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Anonymous said...

Wish I had read this before parting with £135 when I could have bought Pink Sugar for less than £30! DOhhh!