Thursday, September 21, 2006

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 09/21/06

Today I will be wearing my favorite from the line and the last of my sample, Fiori d'Ambra. I will leave you with this compelling statement made to me by my friend:
"The earth moved when I smelled The Fiori d' Ambra."

What are you wearing?


besotted said...

Good morning Vic, it's Jean Paul Gaultier Classique edp for me today. The edt is very nice but I far prefer the richer edp and its yummy rum note.

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Today it's really hot where I live, South America, so I'm wearing Chanel Cristalle. It's fresh, flowery, and mossy (I'm loving mossy perfumes right now).

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

Prada Tendre for me today.

I think I need to order a sample of your Scent of the day today. I love a sweet amber. I'm off to LuckyScent's site for a sample.

Waving to Terry ---


p.s. How's the LaMer foundation working out for you?

Jen said...

Hey, Victoria! Brit Gold for me today. I love your great reviews, especially of the fragrances available from LuckyScent. I'm a sucker for their samples.

Shannon said...

I'm wearing Cinnabar today. This is sure a blast from the past ... I wore this almost exclusively years ago and then had to stop wearing it after I had pneumonia. I asked my sons to buy it for me for Christmas, so I would have it in my collection again. One sniff and my youngest son had a huge smile on his face and said "ohhhh I remember this!" It works for me again, and I got a compliment from a co-worker.

chaya ruchama said...

I'm at work, so it's Farnesiana EdP- soft, dark, yet cheerful...

Love you-