Thursday, May 03, 2007

Black Violet - Tom Ford - Review

Oh my goodness how can it be that I love two of the new Tom Ford Collection and I've yet to sniff them all? The line I had no interest in is suddenly beginning to feel like the ultimate dresser set. If I buy them all do I get the tray at least, or is that another grand?

I am trying to convince myself that this one is too similar to my precious Armani Prive Cuir Amethyste. Yet is scares me to think, might it be better? After all I do love my Amethyste, but I fear that formula I own no longer exists and was tweaked to be more masculine. This one is violets and woods and something that smells like cold cream. The fruits seems to make it juicy without actually smelling fruity. It is irresistible and I cannot keep from sniffing my wrist.

Notes: citrus, pulpy fruit accord, black violet, woody notes, oakmoss


chayaruchama said...

Oh my.
I don't think I can afford to smell this.
It was bad enough wth the Mossy Britches and AA [how aptly named!]
I so recently purchased...

So I'll pretend I DIDN'T HEAR YOU-

Sounds gooood, though.

I started out in Liu, but there wasn't enough ooomph,
So I went Madelyn today...yup, #22.

Kisses, my enabling delights !

Patty said...

Oh, good, someone else that loves this one! It took a couple of tries, but I find myself very much loving Black Violet. it seems to fit a certain mood or something.

Victoria said...

Chaya, I hate that I love it! Like you I can't imagine me buying more than two, so we'll see when I get through them all who's left standing. :O) I have tired your mossy britches.

Victoria said...

I agree Patty! But I loved it right off. Like I told Chaya, we'll see who is left after I try them all. :O)

Anonymous said...

My name is Violetta, and I LOOOVE violet scent, so I'm constantly looking for my signature scent... still I didn't find it!!!
I use "Violetta di Parma", delicious, but a bit plain
I haven't smelled Ford's one, Black Violet's bottle was already empty!
I'm afraid it would be too candy (as the usual fake violet) or too masculine...
What do you say?

Victoria said...

I love this one, but it's not soft and feminine. I wouldn't call it masculine either, but rather, it's raw. I hope to own it someday, it's worth searching out.
Good luck in your quest!

floof said...

Tom Ford's Black Violet is my new favorite fragrance. I also have Violetta di Parma and agree that it is 1 note and sometimes a little to sweet for every day wear (unless I layer it with something else). This scent is nothing like Violetta di parma, it isn't sweet and one noted, but rich and woodsy with a hint of sweet violets and fruit. It is warm, and soft but stays close to the skin; it is never overpowering. I have read some reviews comparing this scent to Guerlains Insolence, I don't see any similarities besides the fact that both have violet in them. I think is closest to Bois de Violette by Serge Lutens but I like this one better for many reasons (including the price point). This has more violet notes than the Serge Lutens (which smelled very faint on my skin) Black Violet is everything I hoped the Lutens would be. I have tried every violet in the lucky store, and almost every other violet perfume I can think of, and I have about 75 bottles perfumes with other notes and hundreds of samples- this is the best thing I have ever smelled. My boyfriend called it the sexiest fragrance he'd ever smelled and when my mom caught a whiff of me she demanded to try some on (and she NEVER likes or wears perfume). I might have to get 2 of these; one for me and one for my mom. I went to to get a sample of this and wished I had gotten a bigger one. I will have to find a place that sells this near by so I don't have to wait for shipping! Hope this has been helpful.

Anonymous said...

I daresay this is the best perfume I have ever smelled in my entire life. If G-d in the heavens created a scent, it must be Black Violet. How did this happen? I wasn't planning on falling in love with a $180 bottle of eau de parfum, but I guess it must have been my fate to stumble across such a remarkable fragrance, the scent of the angels, a greek goddess, a fairy sitting on a dew drop. There are no sufficient words to describe the brilliance, the genius of Tom Ford in his work of art, his greatest creation, the greatest perfume creation on earth -- Black Violet. Tom you are my inspiration.