Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scent of the Day - Wednesday - 05/16/07

Bulgari Omnia Amethyst today. The last decant from eBay. What are you wearing?


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

AG Le Chevrefeuille. A most joyous kind of scent.

Waving hi to everyone who stops by.

:) Dawn

lindabd said...

Hi, Vic and Dawn! Today's my birthday (woo hoo!), and I chose Michael Kors as the day's scent for work. Don't know yet what I'll choose for the evening's celebration. :)
Have a terrific day!

Victoria said...

Hi Dawn! You smell lovely as usual!

Victoria said...

Linda you sweet thing!! Happy Birthday my dear! Oh I wish I was there to share a hug, a spritz and a margarita! Hope you have a lovely day, V.

Rachel said...

Hi Victoria -

This is my first time here!

I'm wearing Shalimar - I recently made myself some scented body oil with this and it smells great on my husband and me.


besotted said...

Hello Vic and all, Annick Goutal Sables for me today.
Hugs to all, T. xxxooo

markdavid said...

Hello Vic and all,

Todau it is eau de Cartier Concentre limited edition for me. I dont know how this differs from the regular concentre but I'm guessing it is different.

Happy Birthday Linda!!

Everyone smells superb!

Love to all,

Victoria said...

Hi Rachael, nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by,

Victoria said...

Hi Terry! Which do you have Sables for men or for women? How strange to put the same juice in two differen packages. Have you seen that done before?

Victoria said...

Hi Mark, you smell delish!

besotted said...

Hi V, yes it IS strange! Can't think of another line that puts the same frag in 2 different bottles. (Mine is in the men's packaging.)

Happy birthday Lindabd and welcome to Rachel, who's wearing one of my all time top favorites today.
Love to all

Flora said...


Violette de Madame for me today - my sample is almost gone, I will miss it!