Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shalini - Review

Ahhh ... I smell completely, deliciously, lovely today! And you can too for only $900! Well if you want to cheap-out you can only spend $400, but hey at this price might as well go for the Lalique falcon. Life is short, right?

Is it that good, you say? Well unfortunately, yes. It is complex and deep while still managing somehow to be delicate and tender. Created by Maurice Roucel the notes include tuberose, neroli, tiare, sandalwood and musk. I'm rather surprised to find there is tuberose in here, it is a quite tame non-indolic tuberose, rather sweet and fresh. Overall it's a lovely bouquet of perfectly composed flowers resting on a soft base of sandalwood and musk. Sexy and understatedly elegant.

Like I mentioned to a poster the other day, I do struggle in my mind with the idea of the exclusivity and price tag, does it serve to influence? I try to think not, but on some level it has to. I wish it were available in non-crystal and perhaps an EDP version. It does lay a bit close to the skin, which adds to its sensuality, but I would prefer it to surround me.

If you are like me, you too can be queen for a day by purchasing a sample and lavishing the whole thing on yourself in one dose, one perfect day to enjoy this lovely parfum as if you owned it.

Now if you have the big bucks, you may purchase 1oz in the more plain crystal bottle for $400, or pay $900 for the limited edition butterfly wing design Lalique falcon which contains 2.2oz.

Availabe at: Aedes


Divina said...

Amazing bottle! Thanks for the review!

chayaruchama said...

Wicked woman.
WHY do I torment myself like this ?
"In the interest of science"...
THAT MUST be it.

Arhianrad said...

Ahh Vic, it's so funny how things work out, ne? For a second I thought you might have been talking about Yu, which I have smelled, and then realized that you were talking about Shalini, which I have not. Sounds interesting!

Thanks for the review :)

Victoria said...

Hi Divina, the bottle is lovely, ahhh to be rich. :O)

Victoria said...

Hi Chaya, yes, in the interest of science. Everything must be sniffed! We just have to learn that everything must not be owned! :O)

Victoria said...

Arhianrad, I'm enjoying this one day concept. I can let it go easier that way. :O)

besotted said...

Lovely review Vic, thanks...I think (-:

violetnoir said...

I purchased a sample of Shalini from aedes in October. Isn't it beautiful, V?

And you are so right: one sample vial, one testing, one day of total feminine beauty.


Victoria said...

Thank you all for commenting, what a beauty this one is.