Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Memorial Day Weekend USA!


besotted said...

Hi dear V, all, I'm wearing L'Artisan Parfumeur Jour de Fete today. Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful, safe Memorial Day weekend! Love to all - T. xxxooo

lindabd said...

Hi, V! Hi, T! For this long, hot weekend I've started out with Hot Couture! I might need to switch to something cooler soon and will certainly be sampling all weekend long. :) Stay safe and have fun!

MarkDavid said...

Happy Memorial Day, Dear Vic and everyone!!

It is SL Arabie on this hot and humid day for me today.

Love, MD

besotted said...

Hi dear Vic, all,
Wearing MPG Ambre Precieux today, one of my very favorite amber frags. Enjoy the day!
Love to all - T xxxooo

Victoria said...

Hope you all had a nice weekend, thanks for checking in!