Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Amber Absolute - Tom Ford - Review

I have to say I find myself quite amazed to be sitting here and sniffing this delicious aroma that is Tom Ford Amber Absolute. I had absolutely no intent of even buying a sample set after the letdown of the Chanels and considering the price of these offerings. Yet, how could I not sniff when a generous friend handed over her sample set to me? It is perfumista law to sniff. And sniff I did.

Immediately I proclaimed, "I must have this." When an amber is so quintessentially perfect it gives you goose bumps when you sniff it, you must own it. There is a smoky note in the top that usually would turn me away but here it is perfectly blended becoming one with the amber. Slowly it softens into a soft, woody, incensey amber. It is stunning.

Swoonworthy is my final verdict to all my fellow amber lovers. Be forwarned, save your pennies or do not sniff at all.

Notes: amber, African incense, labdanum, rich woods, and vanilla bean


chayaruchama said...

Well, gorgeous one..
I DID buy it.
And Mossy Pants, lol.

I decanted a 50 /50 lil' bottle of both...

It smelled amazing.
Agree with you..
[Like I do, most of the time !...Kisses !]

Anonymous said...

I am also the amber lover and this one is just such a divine and mouth watering concoction I just had to have it! Amber Absolute is not a sweet and drippy blend but rather intense, sultry and earthy.. WOW my new favorite parfum. I wish you well.