Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Scent of the Day - Wednesday - 05/02/07

Today I think I will use the last drops of my TFPC Amber Absolute. I will be buying this one.
What are you wearing today?


MarkDavid said...

Good Morning Vic!!

It is Serge Lutens Cedre for me today - found the sample lying around. I have no idea where it came from. I like it though. I dont know if I would buy a full bottle.

Hope you are well, enjoy your day!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

Bvlgari Black for me today. I don't get any tea in this one. It's just a soft oriental on me.

In regards to the TFPC Amber.... is it better than Profumum Fiora d'Ambra?

:) Dawn

Arhianrad said...

Vic! Mark! Dawn! Good morning :)

I'm wearing Chanel no. 5 today. Yep, and it's been the first time this year I've worn it.

Victoria said...

Good morning Mark, Have a lovely day!

Victoria said...

Bvlgari Black? Dawn? You have gone to the dark side!

As for the amber - no comparison. Tom Ford's is like wearing parfum and the other like EDT.

You will swoon.

Victoria said...

Arhianrad, good morning! I dreamed of smelling No 5 last night, and it smelled so good! Better than it acutally is, but that's beside the point. :O) Enjoy your day.

google-fu queen said...

hi Victoria,

This morning I'm still wearing what I put on at bedtime, Le Maroc. Oh wow after 7 hours it still smells wonderful. heaven heaven heaven. Andy Tauer's scents are amazing. :)

Madelyn said...

Dear V , Hi MarcDavid et al

Yesterday was Diorissimo for La Fetet Du Muguet !
Today is Musc Ravageur !

besotted said...

Hi Vic dear, I've been wearing Helmut Lang eau de parfum today.

Love to all - T. xxxooo

lindabd said...

Hi, Victoria!

Mmmm! I'm late getting here, but love what a couple of you are wearing -- Bulgari Black & MR,in particular! I'd love to try Le Maroc and Cedre, too! For me today it was Botrytis.

Have a good evening!

google-fu queen said...

Today I decided to put on Jo Malone's roses. I really enjoy that scent. I hope your day has been perfect. Laura Lee

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am wearing Coolwater Wave for women.I think it's a great Spring/Summer fragrance. Have a great day. :)