Friday, May 11, 2007

Scent of the Day - Friday - 05/11/07

Today the whole office is offsite working our Charity Golf Tournament. I chose Anne Pliska for today. We are in for a long day, 12 hours usually. So instead of TGIF this week, it will be TGIS!
What are you wearing?


Arhianrad said...

Haha, first!

HI Vic!

Wearing Chergui today. Enjoy the Golf Tournament :)

Hugs to everyone...

Victoria said...

Yay Arhianrad! Have a nice weekend!

TMH256 said...

Hello Vic!

First off, I hear congratulations are in order!!! Big congratulatory hug coming your way. Second, good luck with the golf tournament. You smell great. I'm wearing Kai Body Glow today. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic and fellow perfumistas/os.

L'Artisan The Pour Un Ete. God I love this fresh tea scent.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Dawn :))

greeneyes said...

Hi Victoria! Amouage Ciel today...wishing it'll bring me blue skies! Have a lovely weekend and a great time at the tournament!

Flora said...

I have been very naughty - Thursday I wore my Cuir Beluga sample, and Friday was Lonestar Memories - stunning, both of them. I felt very worldly and adventurous!

lindabd said...

Hi, V! Hi, all! My weekend's basically over, but I wanted to stop by to see how the tournament and your Anne Pliska went. My weekend was scented with AG Les Nuits d'Hadrien, OJ Champaca, and L'Artisan Fleur d'Oranger. Delish!