Friday, May 26, 2006

Caline - Parfums Gres

Caline is made by Parfums Gres and is one of my prized finds from my trip to Antwerp, Belgium. I knew of the house Parfumes Gres, the maker of Cabotine, but had not heard of this one. I figured it was either very new, or not released in the USA. Come to find out it was released in 2005, so it isn't that new, but as far as I can tell it's not available in the USA.

Here is the spiel from the Parfums Grès website:
"After the ongoing 10 years success story of CABOTINE, Parfums Grès is now tempting the next generation with CALINE, an irresistible alliance of original yet harmonious fragrance notes." ... Read more here.

Ah-ha, so it's made for a younger person, no wonder I love it. Haha! But don't dismiss this one so quickly as just another fruity floral - This scent was formulated by Thierry Wasser of Firmenich and is hauntingly beautiful and superbly crafted, reminiscent of Ormonde Jayne's florals with its cool, watery aspect. The top notes open with a pleasant mandarin, soft grapefruit - apple combo. The touch of Ivy Leaf hints at the composition yet to unfold. With a fair amount of sillage and decent longevity, this fragrance is truly a gem. The lovely bottle was designed by Fabrice Legros of Pi Design.

As it has been pointed out and discussed on POL, I'm not sure how they were able to use the name Caline, which already belongs to Patou.

Top: Mandarin, Grapefruit, Apple, Ivy leaf
Middle: Powdery Jasmine, Lotus, Silk Tree
Base: Praline, Tonka Beans, Vanilla, Musk

Photo: Perfumes Gres website


katiedid said...

Oh good lord, I knew by the fact that they used one of Patou's rather iconic names they must be onto something good, but from this review I am assured of the fact. Sigh, have you tried their rather challenging Cabaret? It is a scent not to be missed - it is one that I feel, if one did not know better, that could fit in with Caron's stable of fragrances :) (Email me when my move to Washington is complete and remind me if you have not tried Cabaret, PLEASE!) I am so excited to see if this one is available via SOMEWHERE on the internet in the US... I know Thierry Wasser is capable of greatness, because of his Sloth for S-Perfumes and his contribution towards Truth for Calvin Klein, but now? I am most excited to find out what this one is all about = wow! I had no idea he was behind the fragrance. Thank you V!!!!!! Off to shop around to see what I can find, thanks!

Victoria said...

Hi Katie, No I've not tired Caberet, but I have reviewed the notes and I have to say the base notes are my favorites. It's just the Lily of The Valley that scares me. I'll be happy to swap for a sample of this one when you get settled. :O)

katiedid said...

Oh no, no worries, lily of the valley will be the last thing from your mind when you smell it - think more at dark alley-ways ;)

colombina said...

I definitely want to try this one! I have utmost admiration for Wasser's work, he makes the strangest scents. Strangest in the most positive way.

Victoria said...

Colombina, I'll be happy to tuck in a sample of this one for you in your package. Which, I have not sent yet, because I'm moving like a snail this week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

I actually ordered the Caline the day I read your list at POL when you came back. The order should be here today and I can hardly wait to try this one. Enabler!!!!! ;)

Anyway, I have no idea what scent to wear today.


Victoria said...

Dawn!! I'm sure you will love it since we have similar tastes. I hate that I paid full price, because I did see it much cheaper online, but I had no way of knowing. Anyway it is my perfume rememberance of Antwerp.

Flora said...

Well, this solves my confusion - I knew Caline was a Patou and I thought someone had got it wrong saying it by Gres on several web sites. I am indeed surprised that they are using the namee. However, it sounds luscious, nonetheless.

Jenny said...

It sounds like a beautiful perfume and I love the bottle and the whole advertisement with the rosepettals and the lovely soft gentle feel of it.

Mary said...

Can't wait to try this one. I'm a fan of Gres fragrances in general. Thanks, Vic...