Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 05/11/06

Mike Myers as Linda Richman, the hostess of Coffee Talk would say -
Scent of The Day - What are you wearing? - "Discuss Amongst Yourselves"

I'll be back soon with stories and scents from afar.
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Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria , Columbina and readers ,
Today I wore hermes Vetiver tonka EDTSpray ! It creates a subtle, but warm aura around me !
Vic, I will miss you too ! Have a wonderful trip -- I'd love to meet you here in NY or anywhere for a perfume rendezvous ! Love and Chocolate-
Madelyn E

boisdejasmin said...

Have a wonderful trip, V! I cannot wait to hear all about it.

anna said...

Have a wonderful trip V, my blessings go with you.
Colombina i have a sample of L Artisan Parfumeur , Safran Troublant eau de Toilette, so far i' am not crazy about it. But maybe i should give Safran more time , to see if i will grow to like it.

Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
Can you access your email from an internet cafe in Europe ?I will be thinking of you - Thereis a Wirld Perfume Congress in June located in the perfume mecca : Grasse . Would you want or be ablw to attend ? Thinking of tiy , Today wearing Hermes Poive - samarkand.
Madelyn E

Rate My Makeup said...

Have a great trip!

I'm wearing Escada's Ibiza Hippie, it's old, but I love it!

besotted said...

Hi Vic, hope you'll be able to check in from time to time - it won't be the same without you! I'm wearing Guerlain Cuir Beluga today.

Rate My Makeup said...

Oops, I left the wrong link on my last comment...duh.

This is the right one! Now you all know who I'm adding to my feed readers :-)