Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cool Tropic Palm - Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Feeling a longing for the warm weather, and a break from the rain and cool days here in Southern California, I went searching through my wardrobe to find a spring scent to lift my spirits. And there is was, tall and cool and turquoise.

I feel this one deserves a reprise for this spring/summer that is about to be upon us. One of my 10 Best of 2005, this is surprisingly refreshing scent. There is something about it I find completely captivating. Maybe it is the Iodine note; a scent from my childhood. Or the Ozone combined with a Sea Water note that lends a beachy feel. Also in the mix is a light note of Lemon on a base of Woods and Musk. Fresh, cool and watery. Kicking myself for missing out on a great tester deal at Parfume1, Holy Cow, it was only $28.95.

Here is the description directly from the Comptoir Sud Pacifique site:
"A cocktail of transparent and fresh notes, pure and crystalline for a cool and woody harmony that exhales skin-deep femininity. As head note, a zest of lemon seasons the fruity water-filled freshness of melon and iodine. A heart note of flowers stroked by the freshness of the open sea. Finally, in a burst of purity, sea water plays with the woody strength of teak to create a crystalline groove."

Top notes: Lemon, Iodine, Melon
Middle notes: Ozone, Pacific Rose, Lotus, Mahogany Wood
Bottom notes: Sea Water, White Musk, Teak Wood


colombina said...

That sounds wonderfully refreshing. I am a little concerned that it might turn out to be a little too acquatic for my taste, really does sound lovely.

Victoria said...

colombina, I really think it's the iodine combined with the beachy scent that gets to me. I'm really a one man band on this one, I've not found anyone else who loves it like I do. But I'm always hoping for converts!

anna said...

Thanks Victoria,
I have no luck with tropical scents, but i am willing to give it another try.

I had a bad experience in Costa Rica many years ago.
Mosquitos love perfume...all kinds of perfume for that matter...and go straight for the person that wears it....My poor legs!!!!!!(so many bites).
Of course Hawaii does not have a problem with sooo many bugs as Costa Rica does but i still think back of all the perfume loving mosquitos . I will get over it...I love the tropics.

Cait Shortell said...

Dear Victoria,
Thanks! I never knew about this one until you mentioned it here. Must try.