Monday, May 08, 2006

Hawaiian Malie Vine - Voluspa

One whiff of this fragrance and I was immediately transported to Maui. Hubby and I used to travel there frequently, sadly not so much any more. And I miss it. Maui is relaxed, laid back friendly. Green and lush with tropical plants and flowers. Not only growing naturally but in every restaurant, store and lobby. Fresh leis abound at the airport on street corners and in the markets.

And what is a luau with out a fresh lei? And now I digress into my memory of beautiful tanned young men with twinkling almond eyes and dark glossy hair, grass skirts riding low on their hips with hawaiian tatoos across their lower back, doing their dances and wearing malie vine leis. Maile vine is one of the oldest and most popular lei materials used in Hawaii. Maile leis are made from three strands of vine. One strand is stripped of leaves and bark to release the beatuiful vanilla like scent. The other two strands are then intertwined with the leaves in tact. It is believed that the leaves bring good luck and healing powers.

So - this fragrance recalls the lovely scents and scenes of Maui for me. It is made to be used as body or room spray.

Maile Vine Absolute, Fresh Cut Grass, Carbo Tree Resin, & Fresh Cucumber.

Only $18.00 for 4.0 oz of paradise. Available from:
La Creme Beauty


Hawaii2NewYork said...

Lurker here. :) What a wonderful find - I love maile! Reminds me of graduations, weddings, and men in loincloths :). Definitely have to try this one. Do you like any of the other Voluspa scents?

Victoria said...

Aloha Hawaii, nice to meet you. Aren't those dancers so cute? And by cute I mean HOT. Yes most definitely. I never thought I would think so, but having seen them in person, ummm yes. Hot.

Oh yeah... the Voluspa... well the regular body sprays didn't leave an impression on me, but I am sooo loving the room sprays. In addition to this one, I love Crisp Champagne and Italian Tangello. I plan to buy both eventually, the price is right!

Also you should try Malie Brand Plumeria, another room spray. Very Maui smelling, another favorite!

Please stop by often!

hawaii2newyork said...

Great meeting you as well.

I'm most definitely going to check all 4 of these out!

Yes I love the hula boys. So formative in my young education in boy hotness. Who knew a skirt and a flower behind the ear could be so sexy on a guy?

Victoria said...

Who knew.