Thursday, May 04, 2006

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CSP Cool Tropic Palm, what are you wearing?


besotted said...

Hi Vic, today I'm wearing Dolce & Gabbana Sicily - lush, honeyed soap, love it. Hang in there, Friday's comin'!
Terry :)

Victoria said...

Hi T! Ack Friday! And I have so much more work to do! I guess I better get off my blog!

anna said...

a sample of Shalini , is a wonderful perfume but i do not know if i will buy the bottle ..i have to think about it so more...
As far as shoes goes; I know for sure that as much as i love shoes i will not pay $300.00 for used shoes on ebay. In fact i will not pay more than $50.00 dollars unless the shoes belonged to a saint.
Now new shoes is a different story.
I am willing to go up to say...Oh!! i do not know for sure but , I do love shoes.
have a wonderful day!!

Victoria said...

Hi Anna, I love shoes too. I try to never say never, it's better that way. ;O)

I haven't tried Shalini, I'm still struggling with Amourage.

Flora said...


My SL Un Lys today, for a special occasion.

The CSP sounds fabulous!

anna said...

Thanks Victoria,
I am sure about the cost of used items, if something is used it should not cost that much money, maybe i am wrong, but as far as i am concerned , unless is an antique .I would not spend the money..i see this a lot now in resale shops all over the city, a shoe that is worn, and i do mean used....the price is $200.00. Why? I rather go buy a new one.
Of course if i am very poor...i just go to the Salvation Army and buy a pair of shoes for $5.00 dollars .
A much better price.
Greed bothers me.