Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Too Feminine - Aigner

Etienne Aigner, only releasing a very few select scents to the USA, is a busy little bee in Europe. I saw many boxes of scents lining the shelves at at the parfumerie in Cologne. Her newest scent is called Too Feminine.

Top: Passion Fruit, Watermelon, Raspberry, Grapefruit

Mid: Indian Tuberose, Tunisian Orange Blossom, Egyptian Jasmine, Chinese Magnolia, Parma Violet

Base: Oak Moss, Vetiver, Iris, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

It's a funny composition really. Without the top notes it would have been quite a different animal all together, and maybe better.

The top notes are fruity and sweet to the point of being candied. Which is ok if you want a syrupy sweet fruity concoction as a summer pick me up. But I sense here the perfumer was trying to be very serious. The middle notes and base could have stood on their own and made quite a wonderful scent. It's really an odd combination. The fragrance is top heavy and the mid notes never really develop. The base which is a light sandalwood/musk keeps this far from being considered a chypre. I have no idea where the Oak Moss and Vertiver went. Other missing ingredients seem to be tuberose, jasmine, iris and magnolia. Why bother with the expense if you are not going to add enough to be able to detect them? Why smother them with a sugary top-heavy notes?

But you know what? I still like it. It's very candy sweet and pink. And sometimes I'm in the mood for pink.



Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
It's so good to have you back in th U.S of A -- serenading us with your perfume updates ! I, like you am in the mood for a "pink" sweet scent. Today, I used Poupee- it's a real pick - me - up. QUESTION- HAHave you tried FM Musc Ravageur ? If so - what do you think? I'm told it is sexy.
Have a great day !
Madelyn E

Victoria said...

Hi Madelyn! Nice to see you. I don't care for Musc Ravageur. I really only like 3 FM scents; Iris Poudre, Parfum de Therese & Lipstick Rose.

colombina said...

Too Feminine! That's a strange name, isn't it. :-) But the scent sound appealing, the way you describe it.

Madelyn E said...

Dear V- If not Musc Ravageaur ... what is a sexy scent ?More to follow ---
Best Scented - Madelyn E

greenpease said...

Just purchased my first Aigner Too Feminine. I really find the scent so sexy and alluring!

The name might be strange but the scent so tempting.

Victoria said...

I like it too, thanks for posting!
Enjoy your new fragrance,

joni said...

I just bought this last night and I'm wearing it today. All the pink is making me want to giggle more than usual.

--joni (

Victoria said...

Hi Joni, thanks for the comment. I think I'll wear it today in your honor. It is a nice scent, I've missed wearing it.

F.a.r.i.h.a.n ツ said...

i got Aigner Too Feminine Spring,, but it too spicy for my own liking. but then i never smell of Too Feminine. it might be nice, as the way u describe i. =)