Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Great Mascara Hunt

My Holy Grail Mascara - Blinc - Kiss Me Mascara

I have been using this mascara for about 5 years I believe. I have oily skin and constantly used to struggle with "raccoon eyes". Waterproof mascara was my only option and still, I would have to use face powder applied under and above my lashes so where ever they touched they wouldn't leave a mark.

Then I would have to struggle with removal. All that changed when I found Kiss Me Mascara.

No Smudging
No Flaking
No Raccoon Eyes
No Animal Testing :O)
Easy Removal

Below is a the blurb from their site:

"Stop painting your lashes…TUBE them! Kiss Me is not an oil based paint like most mascaras. Its water-resistant formulation creates tiny tubes around your lashes that cannot clump, flake, run or smudge once set.

Application: apply just like a regular mascara. Do not use conditioners, lotions, etc... before applying mascara. Requires a dry, clean surface in order to adhere properly. When Kiss Me sets (about 2 minutes), it will form tiny water-resistant "tubes" around your lashes. The tubes will give your lashes volume and length. Unlike traditional mascaras, you do not let it set before applying another coat in order to build. Keep adding coats until you are satisfied with the volume, length and degree of lash separation before the mascara sets. Once it sets, you can no longer build. "

COLORS: Black • Purple • Brown • Blue • Black/Brown • Green

Click below to see a clip from the Blinc website:
Blinc Mascara Demo Clip

I used to use a Lancome waterproof mascara, but the removal was tough. I used Almay Non-Oily Eye Makeup Remover Pads which worked pretty well, but it still was a lot of work. Although the remover pads are non-irritating, they still get in your eyes and you get blurry eyed for a bit afterwards.

Removal of Kiss Me Mascara is so easy. In the shower I just wet my face and as I apply my face soap, I just swish my finger horizontally across my lashes and the tubes fall off. Like little spider legs down the drain. No pulling, no tugging and no residue. You don't even need to use soap, but I find it is a bit easier that way.

You can find Kiss Me Mascara at several on line etailers including Beauty.Com and Sephora. Also check eBay for sealed tubes at lower prices.

Please note the packaging has just recently changed, but I can't find a current picture. It now comes in a burgundy tube container, and the mascara is brushed aluminum color with burgundy lettering. Tube mascara coming in a tube, they decided to capitalize on their forte, clever.

Product rating, 9.

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Graphic by Katie @ Scentzilla


katiedid said...

I've heard so many raves for this one, and now yours too! How does it look when on? No "spider legs" while still on, I hope? Also if you've tried it, how is the brown's color? Is it a dark chestnutty brown or more of a melted chocolate brown?

Victoria said...

Hi Katie, no spider legs while on, but it does lean that way. They can get a bit spikey, especially as the tube gets older. I use a pin to seperate a few now and then. I can't say for the color, I've only used the Black. It seem to be a love it or hate it kinda thing. If you have other mascaras you love, then you probably won't like it better. But if you are at the end of your rope due to flaking, smudging or irritated contacts, then it will be a saving grace. The ease of removal out weighs any negatives for me.

thedailyobsession said...

Oh, the spa I work with has this in stock and I was super curious esp. after hearing the founder rave about them (and her lashes look amazing). It is on my to-pick-up list! :)

Heikke said...

sounds like a dream

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